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Part 61 - Flight Crew Licensing

Old 29th Dec 2011, 06:26
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Where are you guys accessing the Part 61 Docs?? All the CASA links to it are dead.
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Old 29th Dec 2011, 21:08
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I have printed it out, however I just checked the CASA website and I got through to it ok. I went to 'Changing the Rules' and then 'CASR parts' and went to 61.
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Old 29th Dec 2011, 22:15
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Good news for 777 Drivers you now have a 787 endorsement!!!
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Old 26th Jan 2012, 09:51
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Does anyone know of a time frame for the part 61 changes ?
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Old 26th Jan 2012, 10:04
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sometime after the next election
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Old 21st Feb 2013, 05:37
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Movement at the station...CASR's Part 61, 64, 141 & 142 finally signed off by the GG last week, so it is now law. 4th December it becomes effective.

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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 19:16
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Punching holes

Looks like there will be a lot of chemicals put in the sky with people getting their 100 hours night flying!
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Old 23rd Feb 2013, 22:31
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Helicopter licences will now require same IF time as fixed wing.
Hooray, this is one I've thought should have been happening for a long time, particularly as RW by its nature often leads you to be poking around in crappier Wx at low level than fixed wing in my experience.
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Old 15th Feb 2014, 03:11
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Lost in Part 61 changes!

Folks - I've been playing about, but can't find my answer in any of the CASA stuff or exposure draft that I've looked at and wondering if anyone knows (I've asked CASA too to clarify, but not heard back yet).

What is the position with overseas licenses that have become invalid (i.e. I had a UK PPL which was valid until 2009). Would that allow me to convert to a CASA license (assuming demonstrating competence etc.) without a full flight test? Just planning whether to do the test or whether if I hold off I could possibly avoid the cost.
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Old 15th Feb 2014, 03:21
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I asked a question about this very subject by email in october. I finally got a reply last week but it didn't answer the question.

How is your licence expired? The UK licences used to be perpetual?
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Old 15th Feb 2014, 05:47
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Alert: I've not seen the answer in the mess that is the Regulations, old, new, or still in gestation.

That said, I've done license conversions before for two other regulators and converted my own license to the CASA system. I have an invalid UK-issued license right now, actually.

For license conversion, a license is invalid, defunct, to-be-ignored, unless it is current and accompanied by an appropriate & current medical.

In this context, "current" means AFR or BFR not expired, at least one valid class rating, competency checks or renewals completed, and privileges able to be exercised legally right now in the home country.

Sorry for the wordiness. But I personally used to hear all the arguments as to why the rules didn't really apply to the chap in front of me. (Made some of them myself, once or twice. )

Never did manage to convince a regulatory bureaucrat though!
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Old 15th Feb 2014, 08:50
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Oktas - thanks. I think what you are saying is, although it is certainly not clear, it would make sense that the license your converting should be valid.

That does make sense, but it could be that the regs are trying to take all of that out of it and just recognise overseas equivalent license and displaying competency.

Perhaps what it comes down to is what would you need to do in the UK if you missed a 2 yrs review - my recollection is that requires another flight test. However, a 2.5 hr flight test, plus 2.5 hr pre test, plus test fee is a bit excessive when a grade 1 could suss competency out.

Clare - I think it is more that my UK license is no longer valid, rather than expired. It says something about it must be revalidated by some date, which it wasn't. It may end up being cheaper to get it validated again (even if it means a CAA test) and then convert - I dunno.

I've asked CASA, so will let you know what they say.

*Edit - Clare, I now notice you said you had also asked for a reply 5 mths ago - I won't hold my breath then! May give them a call during the week.
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Old 15th Feb 2014, 20:49
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Having actually read the
Information for overseas applicants
document that you've undoubtably already read, I think I'll be eating my own words soon. CASA talks about whether you hold or have held an overseas license. Which implies validity & currency is not important to them. Unusual, but it's their train-set I suppose.

So I'd be interested in the answer you get Glasgow-flyer.
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Old 15th Feb 2014, 21:36
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Part 61:

Will this dissapear now McCormick is gone??

Does the Board have the power to continue??

If the Board thinks it has the power, where is the power in it's Charter??
McCormick is not gone - he's there till August, when his replacement will take over. His powers and authority would remain unchanged until that point.

There is no question of authority to implement Part 61- quite the opposite. Part 61 has the Vice-Regal approval - who would stop it now?
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Old 15th Feb 2014, 22:45
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Wherever you go in the world to convert a licence to another, the Authority should only convert that which is current, and usually only those type ratings for aircraft types or variants that exist on the new country's register. So it is surprising to see the wording 'have held' in the past tense in the current CASA rules.

So interpreting 'have held', you theoretically could have someone rock up with a lapsed 30 year old licence issued in some former colony expecting to get the equivalent licence with maybe a B 720 type rating conferring pressurized, turbine and multi engine privileges, pass a medical and then head straight into a job flying single pilot VFR in the bush with virtually no further testing.

As for repealing Part 61, not a chance. In any case, once the proposed rules are sorted, we surely will be better off with something the rest of the world will understand.
Maybe when the Skull goes a new broom will adopt the NZ model of Part 61 and the rest of the NZ stuff that makes so much easier reading. We can only hope.

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All powers given to CASA under the CAA are given to the corporation. Section 9 of the Act spells out the basics but many other sections serve to add to these powers. The CEO gets his powers under delegation from the Board under section 95.

The Board is dealt with in Part VII and the Director in VIIA.

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McCormick is not gone - he's there till August, when his replacement will take over.
Yes, but I'd suggest in body only - not in spirit.

AND no committed CEO would leave before the implementation of the single major project of his era. Surely, either he's realised its a dud and wants to get out beforehand or someone above him has told him its a dud and he needs to get out of the way.

CASA discovered fatal flaws in the new part 61 licencing regulations which caused the delay. Has anyone seen any sign that these are being addressed? Until they are, I'd suggest that (Royal assent or not) they will remain in limbo.
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Old 16th Feb 2014, 03:55
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Theoretically, yes Mach - but I wouldn't reckon there would be too many grade 1s (or whatever the new equivalent is) willing to risk their credibility and license by signing a 30 year expired license off without really having demonstrated currency and capability.
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Old 16th Feb 2014, 03:56
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Oktas - that's what I am coming round to (without them saying anything to the contrary) (and obviously that's what I am hoping for!!).
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