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Old 9th Dec 2011, 07:17
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Sarcs, that was about the best post I have seen in ages. Absolute crack up. Back to the thread though, where is Phelans report on the results of Polars latest court appearance? Is it possible he will only write negative articles about CASA? Is it possible he, as a supposed journalist, has a bias and writes to that bias? Is there no story in CASA being vindicated?
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 07:53
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There is a lot of difference between researching an article and obsfucating a CASA case history. Something a twice recipient of a literary award would be well aware of and not prone to answering posts such as your's.

supposed journalist
Indeed! And your literary achievements are?

The CASA vindication..... lets hear about that one.
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 09:58
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So Frank I guess the answer is, awards excuse everrything, including following up and reporting on a news item the protagonist has spent considerable time telling us all about.
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 10:13
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Frank, my literary achievements are few. I can string a few words together and hope that others can make sense of them. That is about it. I have never claimed otherwise. So now tell me why you are all of a sudden the judge of literary excellance. One would think that your ability to spring up in ANY thread with rant after rant against Casa you would eventually come up with a logical and well considered argument, guess not. You are just another guy who believes the regs are for everyone else, cause " i just do my own thing, why should they bother me".
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 10:43
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Is there no story in CASA being vindicated?
Lets hear the facts then.
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 11:51
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I have asked casa under the foi act for my entire case,I bet I do not get all of it.because then we will see the truth and extent that they went to.
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 19:50
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Yum- fresh meat.

Sock (pup) et. I believe Phelan would be the happiest man in the world, if once, just one time the CASA would give him something positive to write about. No awards then, just brass bands, flags, dancing girls, free beer in the streets and an industry party that would last for days.

Just ONE TIME, what a change that would be.

You are just another guy who believes the regs are for everyone else, cause " i just do my own thing, why should they bother me".
Sounds very much like a FOI work order description to me, the old "I interpret the regs in my own way, sure as hell they don't apply to me. I am a fully supported, expert CASA "skygod".
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Old 9th Dec 2011, 20:28
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The Charon has left the shore of Akheron
And now seeks shades in the upper world.
Hermes will not be pleased.
Beware ye all and not be misled by this hideous daimon.
Beware ye without the obolos coin, to wander as lost souls you remain.

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Old 9th Dec 2011, 22:16
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SOCKET-Mrs RA reckons my tool kit should contain only 2 items. Duct tape & WD40. If it moves and shouldn't-- use duct tape. If it doesn't move and should then use WD40.
Why Frank and others have such a pathological hatred for certain CASA people (mainly members of the Cathy Pacific club) is that they applied their considerable powers in reverse to the tool kit story. Cathay Pacific er sorry CASA chose to draw up the wagons to protect their "little mates" rather than right grievous wrongs. If you're so keen about transparency perhaps you can use your influence to persuade CASA to publish the contents of the non disclosure clauses and settlement terms in cases like Franks.
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 03:46
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This could get interesting;

Perhaps he and his other three recently registered PPRuNe mates can also come up with my confiscated and then destroyed evidence which would have put paid to the Cathay Club. If would certainly vindicate CASA in Senate Estimates. It would similarly give credibility to the CASA crony's who are still signing out maintenance releases which were usually done by mail.

Think about it before you reply, I have all the paperwork here from Ministerial level down. Do you really want me to open that box?
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 04:54
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hey, socket while you're at Fort Fumble gathering all the material for the above posts, ask CASA how much taxpayers dosh they have pissed away in playing charades to protect the (perjuring, conspiring) staff.?

Also, while yre at it, see if you can find out how much the Tvl SAWI got paid to be let out the front door, with NO investigations into the VERY serious allegations that I had noted.

Inconsistency is their hallmark. I look at my aeroplane and they want to put me in jail. This CASA guy did some things in association with others, (it is alleged) and really should be in jail.!!

But there you go. Corruption and cronyism with gay abandon!

Now that he is no longer under the CASA umbrella/taxpayer funded, maybe I will have some of that exit fee.
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 05:21
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Cowboys and CASA posses

Sarcs, you say that Maurie Baston, ex CASA emplyee, said it all.

Without a doubt he did go right to the nub of the disastrous state of affairs when a man's livelihood can be smashed without a proper recourse to law. Let alone the dreadful malaise that has overtaken GA.

With apologies to Maurie he hit the nail right on the head when he said that they used to try and get the "cowboys" and leave the others alone.

Thia attitude, the CASA MO now of many years, to "get the cowboys" is a complete anathema to the rule of law and the good governance of a civilised nation. Unfortunately this attitude is even given some credence within the industry, often by those who's skills are still in formation. It is so easy to sling off about someone you hardly know, "oh, that cowboy, he doesn't know how to fly safely like me", or some such ego driven remark.

The duty of those who are charged with maintaining compliance with the law is to apprehend those in breach of those laws and have them dealt with in law. It is not, repeat not, their role to seek out those who are in their opinion "cowboys". Because CASA has been let loose with almost zero supervision or accountability they have taken on themselves not to worry about the law but simply to"get" the cowboys.

In other words, rule by personalities instead of rule by laws. Rule by law is a precious commodity and we should all stand up for it.

Its just too bad that FOI's or the hierarchy have little or no understanding or proper training in legal theory, methods of policing and patently have no idea about the efficacy of their methods. It really has become very bad when commercial pilots will not go to airshows because they are liable to be hounded by the zealous "let's find a cowboy" posse of CASA inspectors. Reading the thread there are examples of this. I have heard first hand the same sad circumstances.

In regards to John and Sophie Quadrio, they are the victims of the "get a cowboy" mentality. John and Sophie should be supported to the hilt. I hear that we should get publicity but not go into technicalities. I believe we should get publicity anywhere we can, but I also believe that John's case would make a great TV one hour special. His case has all the ingredients, The little bloke doing his job gets clobbered, on the video evidence of a jail-bird, by the bullying so called experts who are only expert at keeping their noses in the public trough. Nine of them sitting smugly at the AAT hearing? Then along comes Paul Phelan's expose and finding "The Birds" ...Wot birds?? Er.. Um... as well as Paul's "angle" models, are in keeping with CSI, Poirot or Inspector Morse. And now the aftermath, with so many stories of wrongdoing by the out-of-control CASA, all the court cases, dismissals, reappearances as consultants, and the whole sorry saga of an industry in decline and distress to Australia's detriment.

And finally, here's a thought for grand final year 2021 at the MCG.

The MCG today; 3000 police checked all vehicles arriving at the MCG and found drivers without properly updated maps, many without logbooks, service dates overdue, vehicles with under-inflated tyres, overloaded, loose articles and some with Suspicious Attitudes. Police advised that these latter types, referred to as "cowboys", were dealt with summarily to save wasting time in court because they certainly were guilty of something.

The Premier was unavailable for comment but reliable sources close to government said that it was regrettable there may have been a few that were shot without due process but it is for the safety of the majority and the law must be upheld.
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 06:19
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Wren old mate;

Yes, it is less than subtle that "rule BY law" and "RULE OF LAW".

When the government of the day allows the RULE OF LAW to be so abused they have serious questions to answer. However don't hold your breath with this current lot, (or for that matter, the Opposition Transport guy who is more trussed up with party politics to bother with such frivolous stupidity).

The Australian Constitution guarantees free trade between the states, however Reg 206 probably is also unconstitutional if you can't take your toolbox with you, as is the concept of The Rule of Law.

God help us all.
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 19:12
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Frank: It would appear CASA is very careless with evidence. Including your case I know of 4 where evidence detrimental to CASA's case has gone missing. I wonder if they've ever lost any which would assist their case. Does anyone reading this know of any instance where CASA have lost evidence which was going to help them? I strongly suspect they are selectively careless.
I wonder what interesting information is contained in "lost" files relating to the Mobil fuel contamination case. How many years had CASA ignored aircraft engine failures (blaming pilot error)when they knew there were fuel problems with Mobil. When did they first become aware of the problem in the US with Mobil which preceded the huge contamination debacle in Australia. All these questions and more while Minister Albanese and the rest of government sleeps.Perhaps this losing evidence is why CASA got into the business of manufacturing replacements.
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 20:11
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Including your case I know of 4 where evidence detrimental to CASA's case has gone missing
I wonder if a Wikileaks style of probe maybe able to find these so called 'missing files'....just a thought!
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 21:26
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Yes a Wikileaks type probe might work. What would definitely start the ball rolling would be a smoking hole in CB half full of Pollies on their way to work. Unfortunately given the nature of the fickle finger of fate it would be an airliner full of P-Pruners going to a protest rally and CASA would receive a performance bonus.
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 21:39
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Frank, I've been trying for years to get some political interest going for GA. Led a deputation to the then Minister Truss in 2006, he was not interested enough even to listen.

Three days before the last election I looked on the Lib/Coalition website for a GA policy position. None, not one word. Collectively and individually we have to engage our MPs.
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Old 10th Dec 2011, 22:20
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Or encourage them to develop a GA policy.

The industry is clearly in decline. CASA are just one obstacle to overcome. There are many other things that need addressing to make it right. With the right approach these could be used by any politician to further his/her career as positive contributions. CASA as noted are a negative and nobody wants to have this scalp on their resume.

I would push this to the extent of pragmatism or whatever you call dealing with Greens and Independents who have nothing left to loose.

That threat alone may help them develop a policy.
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Old 11th Dec 2011, 21:45
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Thy for all your support

Sophie and I would like to thank everyone for your support. We are touched by the number of emails, phone calls and letters we have received.

I recently received an email from one of my first instructors saying she was horrified by the allegations against me because I always showed professionalism and good airmanship and always took my flying seriously.

I am saddened to learn just how many other aviators have lost their jobs and businesses at the hand of an unfair and unjust regulator. They have to be stopped. It's time for a change. We need a fair and professional regulator.
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Old 12th Dec 2011, 00:31
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Unsafe skies for all

up-into-the-air, the fools would not know how to fix or address the issue. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. The chiefs are washed up has-beens, dinosaurs. They wouldnt consider your issue as relevant, mainly because they are pilot background management (term used loosely) and they are still living in the eighties and believe pilot focus is the only risk in aviation (wakey wakey boys). The rest are either legal gimps who don't know squat about aviation, safety and risk, plus a handful are RAAF imports (yeah, Defence and Commercial operations are the same aren't they ????)

When the Skull was appointed their was a huge brawl in Spamberra. Some poitical knobs were sick of ex pilots running the place and wanted someone more bureaucratic, Carmody came within a whisper of the top job. It was agreed that if Mr Skull failed and was ever to receive the pineapple then the next Director position would be held by a bureaucrat, hence the appointment of the Associate Director. The Assistant Director was not thrilled about this, but the reality is that between the three of them and a Board things have declined even further.
Australian aviation is in a pickle, the regulator is a poorly managed complete debacle that is out of control.

Australia's aviation industry, the travelling public and the taxpayer deserve better. This whole sloppy mess needs to be bulldozed. None of the bureaucratic name changing folly that they often pull out of the bag of tricks to deflect attention and feign change. The CASA requires a new structure, new experienced senior management, removal of the Board, accountability by the Minsister, a complete overhaul with accountability by CASA management for it's actions, training and upskilling of Inspectors, workable and relaistic risk reducing regulations, focus on ALL aspects of aviation - not just on the gents sitting up the pointy end of the aircraft, actual data base systems that work, removal of mates rates, industry involvement in voting on executive management, teaching staff people skills, accountabilty for every cent spent on projects, manpower and systems.

This is just the start of what is needed. Do we have a Senator interested in getting the ball rolling??
The clock has been ticking for some time now, if I were in government I would want to cure the disease now before a certain death occurs, government needs to start listening to those in the actual know, those out there who are seeing, breathing, smelling and tasting the impending lingeringstench of death in the air by way of an inevitable aviation disaster.
Tick tock tick tock
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