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A/C Down YPPH????

Old 22nd Apr 2011, 01:46
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A/C Down YPPH????

G'day all,

just heard a snippit on morning news (QLD) a NVFR A/C down in Perth? Anyone know about this? I have a few friends flting out of YPJT...Just checking?
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 02:02
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The only one in the news is here
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Not that hard to check the WA Newspaper online! Or you could just call your friends!

A small plane has crashed into a farm in Gelorup near Bunbury about 10pm last night.

The pilot and passenger onboard the one engine aircraft escaped with only minor injuries.

Witnesses said they heard the plane's engine stop before the aircraft dropped out of the sky and into a nearby paddock.
The cause of the engine failure is not yet known.
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 05:33
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I'd be interested to hear if there are any more details forthcoming. I've checked the online stuff but, as I'm overseas at the moment, I can't do too much else (and my wife only has the same non-industry information the general public gets, so no help there).

If, as reported, they landed in Gelorup I imagine they could have been in the Bunbury circuit. IF it was an engine failure after take off then the guy/guyess should get a bloody medal (assuming Rwy 25), as I've looked for suitable areas for a forced landing immediately after take-off and I'm buggered if I can find a decent one until passing about 400'.

Also like to know if it was a privately owned aircraft or whether we need a new one at the aero club.

PS: Loved it how the Perth News couldn't distinguish between Busselton and Bunbury
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 06:26
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Loved it how the Perth News couldn't distinguish between Busselton and Bunbury
Hardly surprising. The meeja think all light aircraft are Cessnas.
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 08:13
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From what I've heard it's a Piper Arrow, VH-BMW.
Engine failure in the circuit @ Bunbury.

Relieved to see the result was not tragic.
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Old 22nd Apr 2011, 08:48
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Engine failure close to final RWY 07 from what I could distinguish on the ground. Knowing how well an Arrow glides, particularly with the wheels down, there wasn't much chance of it not coming down in Dalyellup.

Pilot escaped reasonably unscathed, and I imagine had a tense 20 seconds or so in which to choose a dark area (away from houses) and hope for the best!

Under the circumstances, they did very well!

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MMmm, BMW, eh. I've flown it a few times (Flying Club aircraft, not Aero Club) and it always behaved itself okay. Bit long in the tooth and definitely not going to win prizes for its panel but it's got/had a bigger donk than the Aero Club machine and seemed to go a tad faster. All totally irrelevant, I know but glad it wasn't me

there wasn't much chance of it not coming down in Dalyellup
Probably too many double negatives for my beer-soaked brain to comprehend there. I thought it alighted in a Gelorup paddock (I'm guessing somewhere around the quarry or East of the prison if it was on base for 07). Are you saying it tangled with Dalyellup? I can't imagine you are, or else I'm sure there would be more in the news about it.
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Note for Journo's......

"As seen on tonite's Ch 7 news coverage, it would seem that the pilot successfully ejected the right wing to slow the aircraft down before impact"......

It does look as if the man flew it all the way in....WELL DONE THAT MAN!!!

And, Good Luck or Good Fortune..??
(Bit of both - perhaps....)

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From the linked Newspaper

Tam of Busselton Posted at 12:41 PM Today

At 9.45 last night we were at the caltex in Gelourp filling up when we heard this light plane's engine splutter and fail and saw it disappear. So we called the cops, went to investigate and found the pilot walking around talking to the other people who'd gathered. There wasn't a second person in the plane. Glad the young man in the plane is ok, can't say the same about the plane......
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