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Pelair jobs on AFAP

Old 18th Mar 2011, 05:19
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Pelair jobs on AFAP

I see Pelair have quite a few jobs advertised on AFAP and they have a minimum requirement of 5 instrument renewals no less !

Seems like quite a high number considering Pelair is part of the REX group and that airline allows its pilots to fly (some in command who I personally know) with a lot less renewals than that.
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 07:01
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Different Kettle of fish single Pilot operations. I suggest without actaully looking at the AFAP site that the 5 renewals relates to their areo-med operations.
Nonetheless you can have over 60 renewals like myself and still find Instrument flying challenging. I think the 5 renewals is more a filter, i.e they want experience.
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 07:15
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Requirements for night experience seems a little light on, the requirement for 5 renewals is fairly standard for that type of operation!
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 08:55
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Crikey!!!! I just had a look at the AFAP site!!! Can someone tell me who isn't advertising for pilot positions???? (Apart from the major airlines).
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 09:00
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Would you seriously bother, you can get into the majors with less experience and be on double the money!
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 11:35
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Maybe all the current Pel-Air pilots have had enough of the crap work conditions/rosters and are getting out. Don't know about the aero-med side, but there definitely aren't any happy pilots on the Metros and Saabs.
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 12:19
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What would you expect when the office is run by a bunch of amateurs and think of you as just a pawn on a chessboard and continually base you away from home every week because they are so short on crew. Making pilots fly 2 types above 5700kg. The rosters not even giving you a weeks notice that you are now at a different base for a week. They don't realise or care that you actually have lives/families too! The place is a joke at the moment!
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 14:04
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Maybe that five renewals is to cover the cases where pilots are known to log false instrument flying hours because they know there is no way these hours can be verified. Saw one airline first officer's log book where he had logged something like 2500 hours instrument flying in a total of 5000 hours.

Since single pilot actual in flight instrument flying can rarely be verified there seems little point in logging it in the first place. Decades ago, instrument flying hours in the log book was a measure of true IMC flying experience. And it had to be manually flown. But now that it is legal to sit back and log automatic pilot instrument flying hours that criteria for experience is not worth a pinch of salt.
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 21:17
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I just can't help myself with this one.
I worked for this outfit once, and I would give up flying if I had to work for them again.
Around The Traps is spot on. The pilots that Pelair had were good guy's apart from a few back stabbing turds closer to the top but the CP at the time was the biggest tool in aviation. Only in that position for a short time now he training on the sim I beleive.
Anyway you would have to be hard up to work for this outfit when I beleive that we are heading into a good time for employment for pilots over the next year.
Just my opinion anyway.
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 21:26
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just wondering... is the B200 ground school a PAID groundschool, with a GUARANTEED job at the end of it? or is it one of those "turn up and do the groundschool and we will employ you, maybe, at some time in the future, if we can't get anyone else" type deals, where you have to do THEIR work for two weeks for free?
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 01:54
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Funny how those requirements are for operators who are consistently advertising for pilots on AFAP
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 05:36
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I didn't want to work for peanuts
What happened in this circumstance was an absolute disgrace, state government condoned and instigated. Typical of what is happening in reference to GA conditions in particular and aviation in general.

The RFDS chaps out of Essendon were a yardstick in professionalism (some of them still there) it will be interesting to see what develops there in the years ahead.
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 07:06
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My understanding is a "training wage" will be paid for the six weeks before the start of the Victorian contract on July 1. Part of the training is to be conducted in Wagga. Im not sure if everyone is to make their own way there or not? In fact those of us who have submitted our resignation to the RFDS at Essendon are getting very nervous. Two weeks to the start of the training and no word from Pelair yet? Gee, thinking back to the interview they seemded so confident and assured.
It will be a shame come June 30. Its the legal way to reduce all the conditions achieved over 12 years. A great deal of experience will be lost but I am sure Pelair and the new crew of pilots will stand up just fine.
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Old 19th Mar 2011, 08:09
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Wally Mk2

Wally I do agree with you but there seems to be no consistency in experience amongst all types of different operations as advertised, e.g from GA to the Airlines. It just seems to me a set of lucky numbers picked out of a hat.

Experience is of course something that a person gains every time that person flys whether you've got 300hrs or 3000hrs and whether your flying a C172 or B737

Look I do understand that aero med work would be challenging, single pilot IFR to outback strips etc, all odd hours of operation. But to me the type of operation that I believe would suit such criteria would be airline ops A320, B737 and so one.

Now you can with as little as 200hrs jump in the RH seat of an A320 with J*, VB/Skywest soon to follow with these cadetshipsand and 150hrs with Qlink I don't believe in flying such a large sophisticated A/C with these low hours, technically the first officer in my opinion needs to be just as competent with command decision making as the captain and some reasonable experience under his or her belt, and must be capable of taking full control of an A/C if the captain becomes incapacitated.
Cadetships are only for profiteering in my view.

The regulator needs an experience scale put in place.

as an example
Commercial Licence onwards

Out back bush flying 500hrs experience min
GA charter IFR 1000hrs experience min
Regional Airlines 1500hrs experience min
Major Airlines VB J* etc 3000hrs experience min

Anyway that's my opinion and I'm sure some would disagree

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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 11:18
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Same, or...?

Hopefully the Victorian operation is managed/resourced properly not only for the sake of the guys who have elected to stay on, but of course the good folk who will need this service in the future.

The crews from other divisions of the company are apparently getting flogged pretty hard, with some pretty ugly rostering etc due to crew issues. Maybe the recent ads are to try and fix this??

Scardycat - If you have 2 weeks left, by all accounts you should be told something in around a week and 6 days. Probably to be somewhere else the next day

All the best if you are staying on
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 11:46
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I've got to say I am surprised how little guys flying aeromed are paid. How is it that the fixed wing guys are only in the mid 80k when the rotary are in the mid 120k range?

They are not asking for, nor do they need muppets. Not only do you need applicable experience but the ability to suppress the obvious urge to press on in order to get the patient to help. And given that you are starting as a capt not an F/O I would have thought that the pay would have been as good or better than an airline jet F/O.
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Old 23rd Mar 2011, 04:10
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Just out of interest does anyone know what the guys at pelair (Captain/FO) are payed for flying the Saabs/Metro's?
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Old 23rd Mar 2011, 06:01
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aviator23, numerous people on another Pelair thread reckon they pay the award and its allowances etc and that's all.
That was posted only 3-4 mo ago.
If anyone else has current info they may care to post.

I'm not sure how short of crews they are ATM as I emailed them and requested the detailed info pack as they said to do back when the add was posted and have received nothing to date.
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 06:11
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I see they are advertising the same jobs again, seems odd.
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Old 27th Apr 2011, 08:58
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Closing date: No Closing date for inclusion to ongoing hold file.
Nothing sinister that I can see, just preparing for the inevitable turn over of pilots.

PS: Anyone have further info on the pay scale for the Air Ambulance operation?
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