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(Perth) Red Bull Air Race Cancelled- all events scheduled for 2011.

The Pacific: General Aviation & Questions The place for students, instructors and charter guys in Oz, NZ and the rest of Oceania.

(Perth) Red Bull Air Race Cancelled- all events scheduled for 2011.

Old 5th Aug 2010, 06:19
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Why don't they follow F1 and have some night races? Somewhere really dark, and only have the pilon's lit up! Or even on fire!

Or have 2 race at the same time!

Now that would be interesting.
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 04:10
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Angel Wadda ya want !

I'm an ex [female - yeah !] motorbike racer and most of you are tossers !
The Red Bull Air Races are amazing to watch. Even though I'm no pilot, I can sort of get the feel of what these racers are experiencing.
I'm waiting for helmet cam, real time pilot physiological readouts and possibly more instrumentation displays.
Plus real time pilot microphone transmissions would also add a bit of extra flavour.
It seems to my minimal mental musings that INSURANCE [& underwriting] ie the marauding money mega-monster , is probably behind most of the mumbled malfunctionings of this most excellent series.
When topics are studiously avoided, follow the cents.
Pity that my much vaunted, valorous & vehemently vivacious Valentino [Rossi] doesn't fly !
[Off the ground, that is]

PS - More pretty pictures [icons] please !
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 04:20
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Absolutely and catagorically !

Yes, I agree with myself !
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Old 7th Aug 2010, 09:08
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Plus real time pilot microphone transmissions would also add a bit of extra flavour.
I doubt you'd hear much. I don't know about the racers and the like, but when I concentrate I'm dead silent...
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Old 8th Aug 2010, 05:23
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I wholeheartedly agree that it is definately a coverup - RedBull are putting all their weight behind Formula 1 because it generates the most return, by miles, the other sports come absolutely no where.

I guess I am not alone, but being a regular of the unusual attitude flying variety, watching the air racing doesn't do it for me. I find solo competitive flying far more interesting. I guess that is just my preference anyway as freestyle jet skiing is my cup of tea, compared to jet ski racing, which I find boring as hell....

It is a shame that it has finished, as alot of the worlds top aerobatic pilots and well known display pilots have found themselves at what you could say is the top formula in competitive flying competition. Hope it returns, but it won't sadly i think.
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Old 8th Aug 2010, 09:37
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formula 1 is boring as. you see very little of the race when you are at the location. at red bull you can see the whole circuit, just check the crowd at RB air race it would have to be bigger than any F1 gathering no rip off ticket cost either and maybe that is the problem, stealing F1's thunder. great concept great presentation and the BEST thing to happen for sport aviation as far as getting joe public involved and educated. hope it returns.
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Old 8th Aug 2010, 14:44
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I agree fencehopper!

As for the pilot mic, they do! "arrrggghhhhh".

Pulled 10g much Pyro?, it takes far less to cause me to make stupid noises involuntarily. Quite enjoy G, but certainly wouldn't want millions listening to my attempts to keep blood in thy cranium to the required pressure.

Take it for what it is, a comprehendible airsport format for the general public consumption, with some cool aircraft. Nothing more, nada less.

Sport aviation can do with as many friends as possible, this series is a great advertisement for the like.

Roll on 2012, and Red Bull, please stump up the funds for the continuation of what has been a great advertisement for your brand.
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