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From Australian Flying's E-news

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From Australian Flying's E-news

I know what they're trying to say... but what have they ACTUALLY written?

Vortex operates charter flights throughout Victoria and Tasmania, as well as joyflights and aerobatic flights primarily in Chieftains and Barons.

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Most likely I am slipping beyond AF's target auidence these days (I'm not an eager wannabe who buys every flying gadget available), but is anyone else disappointed with what is contained within the magazine each edition?

I'm very happy for the editor that he's learning to fly, but do we need to hear about it every edition? Yay, you went and did some steep turns...

I've never met Jim Davis, I'm sure he is a likeable and intelligent pilot. However, his articles smack of someone at the aero club bar telling war stories and explaining how he could do things better.

Overall, it's an improvement on what was produced a year or two ago but it still leaves me feeling empty.

The positive from the latest issue was the seaplane pilot story. Maybe more of these articles perhaps? It might give pilots some motivation and an insight into their first job.

Before someone pipes up and says 'well just don't buy it', I was given a subscription as a gift. I have no intent to renew it when it runs out at this stage.
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I agree with the Jim Davis bit - surely there is a respected pilot/journo in Australia who could provide insightful anaysis of Australian accidents? Or do all the "interesting" events occur in Seth Ifrika?

The other "interesting" part of Aust Flying's E-news is that they were the last to report on the solar aircraft project. Not only were they the last to report it, but they were nearly 2 whole days behind.

The whole point of E-news is to be quicker and more up-to-date yet the completion of this mission was reported by AvWeb and US Flying 24 hours ago, and by the mainstream media at the same time as Aus Flying was reporting that preparations are complete.

...and they're completely confused as to why my business is no longer interested in advertising with them...
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Yaffa Publishing

Who was the pilot and which company they feature?
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Geeze, it was a rag when I stopped buying it twenty years ago.

Anyone remember Laurie Cohen???
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Bloody paper is too shiny to wipe yer rrrrr's on!
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Flying mags

Much better to go one of the european or US flying mags. At least they assume one has half a brain, and are well written.
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Perhaps Bob Hoover is working for them?
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