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Amazing R/C Model Aircraft

Old 24th Mar 2010, 12:33
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Amazing R/C Model Aircraft

OK it's time for a distraction- I'm going to kick it off with this one, I think this is absolutely incredible:

YouTube - R/C KING-AIR turboprop WORLD´s FIRST

A scale twin turbo prop with CSU's, auto-feather (yes you heard me), nav lights, scale gear....... I'm a big fan of engineering and this guy has not held back! Very, very impressive!

The A-10 in this video below is something to behold:

YouTube - LA Jets Spring 2009 RC Jet Rally Video Series Preview

Feel free to post anything else you think is worthy


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Old 24th Mar 2010, 13:13
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I recall some years ago (ahem) an R/C modeller who was keen to build a Harrier. He spent some considerable time looking around the II+ I happened to be driving at the time and taking photos of the nozzle system etc. He showed me the jet engine he was going to use and the preliminary plans he had, mainly to prove he wasn't some spotter who simply wanted to get up close and take nerdy photographs. He was an engineer by day and pretty switched on to the vagaries of the hovering jets, so I have no doubt he was man enough for the job. It would be great to know if he (or anyone else) has achieved this and managed to build an R/C 'Bona Jet'....any uTube clues?

As it happens, I am a complete arse at flying R/C aircraft and, having spent more time repairing the ones I kept crashing, decided it's much easier to fly the real thing, especially when the damn thing is coming towards you!

That A10 is a neat bit of kit. They need to scale the speed down though to make it more like its grown up cousin.
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Old 24th Mar 2010, 13:57
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I thought the King Air was impressive until I saw this!

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Old 25th Mar 2010, 02:08
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Yep some really impressive and clever RC modelers in Europe

YouTube - RC A380

YouTube - RC Mig 29 3D Jet Jato torque roll, hovering, alpha
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Old 25th Mar 2010, 03:25
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How about this one:

YouTube - B-52 model crash

What you don't see is my scale model Mig 25 Foxbat coming in on it's six to bust it up!
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Old 25th Mar 2010, 03:25
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Nothing worse than an underpowered model Wally!, one doesn't exactly have an asi to watch.

Don't lie, you would love that sort of grunt if it was possible!

As for the contract, I am not sure where the drivers are going to come from, though xxxx will have to pay the market rate, and that is whatever you and your brethren determine.
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 08:26
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I dont know that these things should be reffered to as toy planes. Maybe scale models would be more appropriate. It would seem to me that they are very complex pieces of machinery
Do you think you could build and fly one
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 09:55
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From memory Wal was very proficient at building and flying models Still involved Wal?
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 11:54
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Fair enough Wal. Dont actually fly them myself (too hard) but I do help my son build them, and its just as hard to build a scale model as it is to build the RV(7)
(In some ways, harder I think)
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Old 28th Mar 2010, 22:06
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Gotta agree with ya Wally. some of my TOY models are quite difficult to fly. I have a much easier time flying real helicopters than I do some of my big models.
My 12 foot wing span J3 is a dodle to fly though. apart from not having an ASI, it flys just like the real thing. My 2M disc Bell 47 is a whole different story.
I find another advantage of the real one is if I have a radio failure, I squawk 7600 and carry on. I have the wreckage of some very nice and very expensive models that crashed due to the same problem. I'm guess coz I didnt have a transponder.
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Old 29th Mar 2010, 08:12
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Aus They make some nice GPS addons that run off your RX pack (i run one off my seagull dual ace, two OS 55 AX's and enough servo's to run two decent pattern ships). Look on RCUniverse. They even have Airspeed probes and other things too so you can get real airspeed readings. The other thing people are doing is running a camera in the pilot seat with a set of VR goggles, so its like you're really flying
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Old 29th Mar 2010, 08:51
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If you want to see something huge search youtube for "Peter Michels". Besides many other large aircraft he has built a scale 1:15 version of the A380: 5.5m and 70kg take off weight. 4x jet turbines with 16kg thrust each running at 120,000 rpms.

How it is made:
YouTube - A380 Peter Michel Baubericht
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Old 29th Mar 2010, 09:02
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Hey Wally was that you that I saw in a mag many, many years ago with a scale RFDS King Air with the real one behind? Much effort involved in the build and a fine model based on a fine real aeroplane... Too bad having two engines to rig up would have made it a bit more of a headache than modeling a PC12...!
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Old 18th Feb 2015, 18:32
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I've never seen anything like this. The precision and detail is stunning.

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Old 18th Feb 2015, 23:38
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Here's one for the chopper fans. The flying starts at 6 minutes into it.
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 04:36
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not as fancy as the previous rc planes on this thread but fun to fly anyway.

Highlights from the basin, Van Nuys, CA.
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 13:32
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That King Air is incredible!
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Old 23rd Feb 2015, 14:15
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