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Qantas Group Unity

Old 15th Aug 2009, 21:34
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the AFAP are fully occupied at the moment beating the crap out of the AAPMBF trustees so for any other important issues please don't call them until the beatings have stopped.
Maybe if the MBF fund was truly independent of the AFAP pilots could exercise their right to choose who represents them, some might keep the MBF for loss of licence and move to AIPA
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Old 16th Aug 2009, 00:25
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Maybe if the MBF fund was truly independent of the AFAP pilots could exercise their right to choose who represents them, some might keep the MBF for loss of licence and move to AIPA
This sums it up perfectly. If this were to happen, the exodus of Qantas Group pilots from AFAP to AIPA would be incredible.

TL - I believe Capt. G.E. has been consulted but as yet I'm not sure what the response has been.

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The establishment of an Australian Pilots Association (APA) to unite all commercial pilots and bring AFAP & AIPA under one umbrella is not new. The BALPA model is well known to the Execs in both AFAP & AIPA; who know and understand that it has been tested in the UK and has been found, by n large, to be robust and resilient.

Tried to get it to fly during my time at the helm of AIPA, but as usual, the usual protagonists on both sides of the fence managed to stymie it. As previous posters have already pointed out:
  • it time the same 10 or so clowns stoped bleating and stoped throwing stones at anyone trying to advance the prosperity of pilots and the companies they work for.
With globalisation bearing down on the Virgin and Qantas Groups, its time for Qantas Group pilots to embrace innovative change which, inter alia, means merging AFAP & AIPA to bring into existence an Australian Pilots Association (APA)

That the MBF Trustees appear to understand that the MBF needs new blood if it is to grow and continue to offer very attractive LOL insurance to its members, is I believe, compelling reason to bring on the AFAP/AIPA merger asap.

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Old 16th Aug 2009, 01:45
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Blown n' wrote
some of these policies that you lot then were so happy to undermine and threaten pilot's careers with ,you are now happy to embrace as your own
Totally agree on this point. Past history showed Wodden eye undermined at every opportunity. Some ideas now espoused were pilloried before!

My philosophy is "If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one your with!"

For the good of the 2500 AIPA members put personal pride aside and be happy that COM is now functioning - regardless of the reason. Get behind the Exec we've got. Praise them in public when they do a good job - tear strips off them on the internal AIPA COM Webmail when you suspect something's not quite right.

My view is the current crisis has been handled exceptionally well. I truly believe President Jackson has the right temperament for the face to face meetings required to arrive at the solution we achieved.

The bigger test will now come securing career opportunities into the immediate future for all AIPA members. Everyone acknowledges this as the #1 issue.

I will not wallow in the past and wonder what might have been but choose to remain optimistic and work with the hand we have been given.
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Old 16th Aug 2009, 04:25
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It's fine to say don't look back and to look forward. WoodenEye got himself banished from Qrewroom because he was carrying on like an idiot. After a rest period he is now pushing the same Big Picture crap that he has been pushing in years gone by, on this forum. The trouble is the little picture stuff passes him by and because he behaves like a di..head he makes no progress with the people who count with respect to the big picture. Pilots who choose to follow or believe in his doctrine must be confused little souls for sure.
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Old 16th Aug 2009, 11:30
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because he behaves like a di..head
He's not the only member on COM who could be accused of that!

A lot less hubris will go a long way Wombat.
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Old 17th Aug 2009, 01:30
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Hey mods,

what's with the frenzied thread moving? I'm pretty sure this topic isn't GA or a question?
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This is clearly not GA

Yes another example of the lack of standardisation or maybe understanding by at least one moderator.

Come on guys, this is clearly not GA.
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Maybe the moderator has a soft spot for team Bazza.
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