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GA North Western Australia

Old 21st Feb 2009, 00:49
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I dont want to take anything away from those that have done hard time at Kunnas or Broome, I just think there are better ways
Where or what would you suggest DD? I don't imply any disrespect, but there aren't a whole lot of jobs going. Beggars can't be choosers.
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Old 10th Sep 2014, 04:17
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Thumbs up Updated Update

G'day Everyone,

Great post, however almost 5 years ago, I imagine a fair bit has changed since then.

Anyone able to give an update on what's happening up there?

Looking to head up between Nov-Mar '14/'15 to suss out the G.O

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Old 10th Sep 2014, 10:30
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GA North Western Australia

A mate of mine sent me a pic of BAS's new hangar. GA is certainly not dead!!
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You roll up to Kununurra/Broome etc. CPL-ME-IR in hand. NVFR and DG too. Your polite, we'll dressed and punctual. You also have some life experience behind you but you are still under 25 years old. Thought you would have a half decent chance right?


Some cocky little you know what with only a CPL and 180 hours gets hired. Next a guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed every time you see him gets hired too. Then two guys who turned up yesterday have got an interview!! There seems to be no pattern as to who gets a job around here. That is pretty much how it goes.

If you don't get an interview whilst the main hiring is going on there isn't much point hanging around. If they were interested they would have called already.

One company in WA a few years ago advertised for low hour guys whilst there were at least 20 guys waiting in town!

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Pilotchute speaks the truth. Also, be Greek if you can be. That will let you leap over everyone else in line
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You also have some life experience behind you but your still under 25 years old.
You're. It's all about the grammar these days.
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I am currently living in north west WA and the industry is tight at the moment in this part of the country. The movement at the upper end of the industry is slow at the moment, so not many jobs are opening up at the bottom. In Broome there is roughly 20-30 unemployed pilots in town looking for a flying job. I know this is not what you want to hear patross993. Some pilots have been living in town for six months waiting for something to pop up. My best advice is to pick a town, find a share house to live. Get a job at woolworths, a pub, a bottleshop etc. Then visit the airport every week or so and try to chat to the chief pilots and get yourself known. Don't expect to walk into a flying job right away. There are lots of pilots looking for flying work in the north west WA now, in saying that there are also lots of pilots who have been successful in finding a flying job.
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I agree with some of the posts above, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason when it comes to who gets interviews/check flights/time of day from the companies up here. Broome is still hollywood for pilots, the taxi driver, check out operator, bouncer etc. that you meet every day are all probably wannabe pilots.

There was certainly more people up here earlier in the year than there is now but I'm sure there will be a new influx soon and when it is damn near impossible to see at least 3 of the chief pilots I'm sure there will be plenty of disappointment too.
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One company won't be recruiting for the foreseeable future, one company won't need to recruit until the dry, one company I wouldn't want to work for and one company everyone wants to work for so it's stiff competition.

People get recruited and it's often just after the rumour has gone round the company is full up. And let's face it there are worse places to be waiting for a job than with a beer in hand at cable beach (or with a backpacker at the kk!)
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Old 12th Sep 2014, 08:21
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Also, be Greek if you can be. That will let you leap over everyone else in line
How times change. Few years back pilots were complaining about the 'psycho' boss down the road.

Is anyone a good enough boss for pilots ? Personally I like the Greek. He takes care of his people
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I remember having a chat to the Greek last year....nice guy. Like most Greeks most are all hard working (I'm married into one) however most companies usually leave the hiring up to the chief pilot, same thing with the king. If you can find Mr Hide and Seek well good luck to you
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Not saying he isn't. Ripping bloke, just helps your employment chances if your Greek
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If you can find Mr Hide and Seek well good luck to you
I'd love to know who you are referring to.
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Alright after being up North for a while let me help you guys out. First I can tell you now there has never been a Greek Pilot at BAS and if there was, it is a very recent addition. He is a good man and he is giving young pilots their first chance. He could easily turn around, tell the CP no one below 700 hours and lower his insurance premiums and if that was to happen you would all be up crab creek without a crab net, but he wants to see young guys start out on the 210 and walk out flying the Kingair.

It is up to the Chief Pilot and you know what your right it's who you know. Only because the Chief Pilots don't remember every single pilot who walks through the door to say hi. That really isn't their job as they are probably overloaded with work already. Yes they like to get the opinions of their current pilots of who is in town and who is decent because although you may have a pilot license, in the end you are the final product that the customer sees and if your a clown, constantly on the piss and shoot your mouth off in public, why exactly would they risk taking you on only to add to the stress of managing the company in the first place. Yes he still has your CV and he will bring it out when the time is right.

My advice, find a pilot share house, great source of information. Dont bother them too much about flying and the company they work for. Just sit, relax,have a drink and enjoy the night, they are going to tell you about their day anyway. Have a laugh and enjoy the time. They will think your a great person. Eventually when the doors open up, they will put your name forward if they haven't been already without you even asking. Get a job in town that involves some form of customer service. You never know who you might meet just by working behind the bar or at a restaurant. Wow!!! Now I have described how to get a reference for someone that he and you both know rather than some instructor over East who he has never heard and they probably wouldn't even remember you either.

If your a recluse you will stay a recluse. Pop your in head in once every three weeks, maybe submit a CV with your Broome address and not your mum and dad's house back in Victoria or New South Wales. A cover letter with the correct Chief Pilots name at the front helps and not the one you just went to.

Also keep in mind there is barely any movement in the Industry at the moment, once people get their break in an aviation company they tend to stick in it till it's time to move on. If no one at the top is moving then there is no one at the bottom moving. Sit tight, relax and enjoy the ride. You will eventually get everything you want, just be patient.
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I'm 99% sure of the identity being referred to.

If you are up here and you aren't sure then I'd be surprised
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I can tell you the 'Greek' still has a big influence on who gets hired. If he really likes you, your chances are greatly improved. As for having to be Greek, rubbish really.

If you are a close family friend though of the 'Greek', the job is yours.
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I'm yet another wannabe thinking about heading over to Broome in January. Is it easy enough to pick up a non flying job around town?
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Easy enough if you have a bit of hospitality/retail/tourism experience. Minimise anything to do with flying on your resume. January-April is the hiring season for all the restaurants, resorts etc. as well so it's a good time to come up.
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Bas the big mover in Broome. They under cut pearl, Broome av , and slingair and others not by small margins. Time will tell if they last.
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GA North Western Australia

Wonder if they're paying their pilots the award...
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