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RPT Radio Calls into CTAF - Jet* Today at Ballina

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RPT Radio Calls into CTAF - Jet* Today at Ballina

Old 4th Jan 2009, 05:40
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In the middle of my home office tidying exercise today I stumbled across some material that would have been sent to all pilots about 5 years ago.

I quote these words of wisdom to VFR pilots:

"VFR aircraft should avoid Aerodromes, Navaids, Instrument Approaches and Holding patterns".

VFR aircraft should avoid aerodromes? Now there's a novel approach!

"Assure that you are aware of the IFR Instrument and GPS approach paths and remain clear as far as you can .... charts are available on the Airservices Website".

So there you go! I guess that pretty much clears it all up, huh? The onus would appear to be on VFR pilots to keep the **** outta the way!

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Old 4th Jan 2009, 07:07
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Does this mean you only clear your desk every 5 Years. A clear desk is the sign of a sick mind
Good exercise going from CNS to MB, imagine the paperwork for aids/approaches and patterns. Mum would have to go by train, probably not a bad thing. The weight of the paperwork would put me outside the envolope.
This morning at GLA 2240 local Dash inbound called Whisky Alpha/Bravo/ echo and every other letter of the alphabet with a final call for a 2 mile final.
To top it off a helo in the circuit then giving their positions abeam the whisky waypoints
Got to say the helo operator has just started. GLA is quite often used as a refuelling stop for all levels of operators, so wouldn't it be easier and safer to given positions relative to the Airport. As I've said before I know where the waypoints are, but possibly the 182 that dropped in just after, didn't

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Old 4th Jan 2009, 21:21
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"My question is do pilots have the discretion to carry out an RNAV GNSS approach at a non-towered aerodrome in VMC? One reading of the regs says no they do not."

Thats just one way to establish yourself on a 5 mile final.
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Old 5th Jan 2009, 04:44
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GG the material you quote from was written by the same bloke who dreamt up the procedures. He had absolutely no idea about RPT operations. Its not surprising that there are many variations on the radio calls. If you are VFR and you hear an RPT jet give an inbound call via a GPS waypoint for a particular runway, just look for the landing lights on the approach path. My personal view is that all RPT traffic should approach any CTAF(R) for a straight in approach via a GPS approach point. This would allow for a 10 mile final, both pilots looking forward and the automatics can be used for longer.
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Old 5th Jan 2009, 11:32
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LL - the "look for landing lights" advice is not always helpful for quite a few reasons:
  1. the GNSS RNAV APCH may have been started from one of the initial "dog leg" positions ofthe APCH and thus not "straight in" from the time of the call;
  2. the IFR ACFT (RPT in this discussion) may be descending through IMC into VMC below and thus not visible;
  3. the conflicting VFR ACFT may be below or to the side and thus not be able to see the landing lights;
  4. the rising/setting sun +/- haze may still be within limits to legally fly VFR but doesn't give great long distance viz.

GG - "Assure that you are aware of the IFR Instrument and GPS approach paths and remain clear as far as you can .... charts are available on the Airservices Website". Not from the near future, I believe.... who are the idiots who "coordinate" the advice and educational materials?
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 07:09
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And its all about to change again.
Casa busy formulating the latest change as we speak!
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 09:06
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Whats that? No more RPT jets into uncontrolled aerodromes? Finally, are we catching up with the REST OF THE WORLD?

Surely Not! We already use worlds best practice.
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 15:16
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I had the opportunity to tag along on some of the training flights that my instructor did with his CPL students.

He always stresses on keeping it simple so that the VFR pilots will understand his transmissions.
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Old 6th Jan 2009, 19:11
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Quadrant and distance!
Everyone should know it, amazing how many don't.

I'm sick to death of flying into places and hearing locals broadcast "all stations abc just coming up on fred's creek." "yep jim I'm over malcom's homestead now"
Only to hear the IFR traffic have to clutter the frequency with "can you guys give me a quadrant and distance please?" (Usually followed by silence)

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Old 7th Jan 2009, 02:35
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Thats just one way to establish yourself on a 5 mile final.
That is true but in that case one's location should be described in generic terms, not by using IFR approach waypoints names.
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