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GFPT / PPL Essendon v Coldstream

Old 26th Nov 2008, 08:04
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GFPT / PPL Essendon v Coldstream

Hey guys i am about to continue my GFPT / PPL training, just looking for some input to help me decide.

after looking around at many schools and airport i have come up with two i would like to train at:

3 Cessna 172 To Hire $250 - $260 Dual
Landing Fee and Air Services $40
Some Twins And Rg Aircraft
2 Tarmac Runway
Class C Airspace
Amust Other Traffic

1 Cessna 172 and 2 Piper Warriors $250
1 Twin Engine and 1 RG Aircraft
No Landing Or Air Services $0
1 Gravel Runway
Less Traffic

I Live the same distance between the two so travel is not an issue, and the aircraft are in same condition / age would i gain any thing Training at Essendon at aproxx 50$ more? or is Coldstream the right way to go?

Im not necessarily looking for the cheap option, i donít mind paying for the good \ proper training and going to the place that will serve me best with the view of possible CLP

Thanks YYY
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 13:38
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As no one has answered you yet, so let me try and help.

Have you checked the ERSA regarding restrictions on circuit training at Essendon (EN) ? I presume you are flying single engine during your GFPT/PPL training - note circuits are only allowed at EN for endorsement and test flights only.

Does that answer your question, not to mention the extra hire time and fuel to fly to/from another aerodrome for circuit training, and the extra time required for airways clearances to take off from EN and to re-enter its airspace on return ?

That's assuming learning to fly an aeroplane is not enough of a challenge already.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 15:36
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Just as importantly, have you checked the circuit restrictions at Coldstream?
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Mate, further to the excellent advice above, can I suggest Lilydale which should be equidistant for you as it's very close to Coldstream.

It seems to me (I have been to both places, but haven't trained at either) that the facilities at Lilydale would be superior to Coldstream's, they seem to have a very active flying club/school there, and I know the guy who hires out his Travelair for training, he's very happy there.

Check out the site (Lilydale Airport), and why not just drive down there and talk to the people, from what I can remember they are very welcoming.

Enjoy flying, learning how to stop an aircraft with minimum roll on a soaking wet grass runway is more fun that you can imagine

P.S.: Work out how many hours training you can buy with the accumulated landing charges at EN.. that one's a no brainer AFAIK, most student pilots I know only ever go there for practice ILS's..
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I agree with PB, YLIL all the way, met the crew there and they are friendly and the place has a great atmosphere about it.
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 03:19
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I'd also suggest YLIL - I'm doing my PPL training there and it's a great team and very friendly place. Also a little closer to Melb than YCEM.

Good range of aircraft - Warriors and Jabirus mainly used for training. Quite a bit of charter work out of the airport so you've got a lot of experienced flyers to call on.

The advantages over YMMB and YMEN is that there's no waiting for takeoff - just taxi out and away - plus the training area is just off to the east, so you can get into the lesson straight away. And no landing charges.
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 09:07
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If it's all about money as in you want value for bucks then the country strips are the go. (CW learnt at EN but had his own plane way back then)Kyneton my local aero club (yes Capt wally is a member of a SE plane club....ohhhh ahhhhh shock horror) charges $220 p/hr dual in a C172, like the other country strips straight into training after T/Off, no tracking to another training area & an older instructor who is just that, an instructor, not a 'transient'.
YLIL looks flash from the air, haven't been out there in yonks!

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Old 27th Nov 2008, 10:44
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& an older instructor who is just that, an instructor
Yep, that as well - my instructor is about my age, so a plus for me .....
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Agree with PB and WBB, LIL is a civilised place for circuit training, in my experience.

Ask for Jeremy there - he's a nice and relaxed instructor.
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