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Dream Job

Old 26th Nov 2008, 06:45
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Dream Job

I'm interested to see what our dream jobs are.. Lets say if every flying job landed you the same coin; where would you be and what would you be flying?

I'm sure there are some young bucks who want the left seat of the 744 and some ol' timers wanting a Beaver on floats.

How about you?
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 06:53
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Think the more time spent home is a good job.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 07:04
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Flying a pilatus porter ski plane at mt cook. If not there, then a porter mountain flying somewhere.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 07:11
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My dream job is where i can tell my boss: "Get stuffed, i do not feel like flying your shitbox G5 today " and still get paid with all my bonuses and drives me home in his twin turbo Bentley......
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 07:34
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Flying Nomads around Mt Cook...

Hang on... I do that already!
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 07:50
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The gonad you must be one of the few.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 08:08
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Silly Old Git
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Where did the NT Health N24 s end up VH-DH. etc?
Nice Collins airline gear on them...
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 08:20
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hooters airline - Google Image Search

Not sure about the flying conditions but the view...
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 08:24
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Didn't they go bust?
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 08:39
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A twotter on floats flying drunk pommy female backpackers around Ibiza

Or perhaps the same said twotter on the barrier with the same said backpackers
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 09:55
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Now that sounds like a job.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 11:05
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QF or DJ 738 skipper!
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 11:11
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I'm a young buck wanting a beaver on floats... Or maybe a twotter, who knows one day I may be old and boring and need the twin time
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 12:36
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Did 3 years on the TwinOtter on floats in the Maldives.... now i fly a jet.

Best fun you can have in public I reckon.

I got intimately acquainted with one on wheels a few weeks back.

It really makes you remember where you cut your teeth, the mates you made and the fun time you had back when you wished you flew a jet........
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 13:27
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Flying a brand spanking new 08-600 Cresco with aircon and a hydraulic hopper out of the Twizel base, where all the cockies had concrete, sliding roof super bins and I could fly 800 hours a year. Most of you dont probably know what im talking about except old mate empacher there who knows how fantastic the sunrise on a calm day over the main divide can look like!!
...One can only dream
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 13:47
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I thought-

I was the 'ants pants' when instructing on a PA-38,
An ACE when given control of an AC-50.
I was shit hot when I got my first Turbine on a N22.
Life was over when the F27/F28 came along,
and I still smile when I keep a 737 on the rails.

Just enjoy what you've got. There will be something much nicer just around the corner but if you don't appreciate the present you will never really enjoy what a career in aviation is all about.

Still smile about the Aero commander though!
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 22:34
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Danger AC-50

Ad astra.
I agree, The commander is a great aircraft, can't say enough good about them.
I just had a few too many hours in them. that's all.
Only complaint about them: Shocking in turbulence!
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 23:08
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Just Flying.
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Old 26th Nov 2008, 23:30
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Um....Instructor or professional antique aeroplane flyer. Definitely more GA than RPT

(Ideally it'd be Formula One World Champion but that isn't going to ever happen)
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Old 27th Nov 2008, 00:17
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GA all the way
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