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Float Rating

Old 12th Aug 2008, 12:22
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Float Rating


Does anyone recommend where should i go to get a float endorsment?

Maybe who should i avoid?
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 12:43
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Had a few mates get their endorsement with Akuna Seaplanes a few years ago in Port Macquarie. Not sure if they still do training or not, but both were pretty happy with the endorsement and spent a lot of hours on the water since.
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 19:34
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Thats my Sh#t, Thats my Sh#t


Welcome to the world of floats. The best decision in your life. Had the float career from wo to go, and no regrets. Took me all over the world, had a ball.

Search this forum, type in floats, seaplanes, float rating, google seaplane pilots association as they will list em all. But the most important thing you can do is do a rating with someone who will put you on as a line driver. There is nothing more useless than a bare float rating. It is nothing like a wheel endorsement, as float landings are the most important factor. And open water experience will see you with advantages for fiji and the maldives later on. There are good opportunities for low timers in the maldives now, but you will need to have had at least your first job in floats before you go. I had to wait my whole career to get there, but now with the shortage and wages that have not moved really since the late 90's with a declining american dollar, the local's have become more self sufficient, although they do take expats still. Some stay forever in floats, and others use it as a great way to get time to move onto somethin else. Once you have salt water and kero running through your veins, you will always have a place on floats to return to no matter what you do in the future.
And with global warming, what better type rating to have.

PM me if you need any more.
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 23:33
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There's a good one in Melbourne based at Williamstown. Has been there for ages. Has 2 x 185's alternating off the floats. Was chatting to him last weekend.
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 00:10
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Float endo

Rod Gunter
Melb Seaplanes - Williamstown
[email protected]
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Thax guys...I'll chase them up.
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 13:29
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The last few low float experience pilots to start in the Whitsundays got their endorsements with other organizations. Some only had an endorsement whilst others had a few hours of ICUS as well. Water landings are essential for a job in turbines, however attitude is more important than ICUS to get a start in piston floatplanes.

Probably more important than who you do your endorsement with is the operator you work for - open salt water experience opens up opportunities. Completion of the endorsement is the beginning of the learning process.

The Seaplane Pilots Association of Australia's Training Directory lists some of the operators offering endorsements - however Air Whitsunday is not currently doing endorsements, and I'm not sure what Air Waves or Akuna are able to offer at the moment either.

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Old 15th Aug 2008, 20:22
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Completion of the endorsement is the beginning of the leaning process.
. . .. or knowing when to straighten up and fly right. Or how to tweak the mixture.

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Old 17th Aug 2008, 07:46
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Pretty sure that Cloud nine seaplanes on the gold coast do endorsements in thier 185. Think they offer ICUS too.
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Old 20th Aug 2008, 01:53
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Float Endo

I did my float endorsement with Akuna Seaplanes. I believe that after some hiccups, they are getting going again in Port Macquarie, I'd really recommend looking them up. Cloud 9 on the gold coast also does endorsements, nice bunch of blokes from what i've seen. PM if you have any more questions mate.
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Old 21st Aug 2008, 08:19
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Another option is to go to Vancouver, Canada, and do it there. It will nearly cost you the same as the plane is only $240 p/h by the time you add the airfare there. Basic endo is around $2000 aussie dollars. Weigh it up with accommodation and flights within Australia and i think its pretty comparible, but you get some international flight time, and some duty free booze. Here is a link for you to check out...

Floatplane Training! FloatSafety Seaplane Training, Floatplane Training on Canada's Beautiful West Coast

I am not sure what requirements there are with CASA upon arrival back to Oz if you go this option, but this is stated on the above website...

The process for a foreign licence holder to obtain a seaplane endorsement in Canada is relatively easy. You must first obtain a Limited Term Pilot Licence from Transport Canada. Fill out the Limited Term Pilot Licence section and present it, your pilot licence and valid medical to a Transport Canada Office during business hours. It will cost $40 CAD and is valid for 90 days. It grants you flying privileges here in Canada. When you complete your seaplane training, return to the Transport Canada office with your completed endorsement form and $30 CAD for the fee. They will endorse your Limited Term Licence with the seaplane rating.

When you bring that document home to your own aviation authority, it is up to them to decide whether they will accept it or not and transfer the endorsement to your licence. They may require you to do a check ride or have completed a minimum number of flying hours to honour your Canadian endorsement, or they may just sign it off no problem. Canada is an ICAO state so you would think it should be acceptable. We have tried contacting the Aviation Authorities of Britain and the USA and have yet to receive a qualified answer. The best thing to do would be to inquire at your local aviation authority office and find out before you arrive here.

I hope this gives you another option to think about...
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Old 21st Aug 2008, 09:54
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Is anyone aware of any float operators in New Zealand? Ive done a little bit of searching but havent got anywhere.
Thanks Hillson
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Floaters and Sinkers

Just a little motivation of where you can end up.

Barefoot Pilots Association

Beavers and vans in the whitsundays, Kenny's and Air Whitsunday

185 on Gold Coast 'ELQ, with Cloud 9 Seaplanes. That airplane has been on the bottom, upside down, or broken since its 1968 conseption more times than ones had hot dinners. She did me well. Lovely thing to learn on, and operate commercially.

Beavers in Sydney. Ex Maldives guy there.

Kunnunurra has been a start for plenty of gone places float drivers.

Just google it. Seaplanes in Australia, Seaplane Pilots Association Australia.

Its a great way to get ya hands and feet connected to your brain. Sadly airlines think float guys are cowboys, but I am working on fixin that. I would employ a float guy for any job, hands down.

When you get experience, there are gigs in the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, UAE, Scotland, China, Africa, as well as firefighting if you have right to abode in countries that have em.

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floats in vancouver

I can tell you that Vancouver is a good place to get a float rating, I just got back from there. It cost me 2000 CND for the rating which was 7 hours including 5 solo take off & landings. A limited term licence issued on the back of an icao licence (my UK PPL) took 20 minutes while I waited at the Transport Canada office and cost 30 CND. I flew with Pacifc Rim Aviation who were fantastic and would thoroughly recommend them.
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NZ float plane ratings

Hillson - give Phil a ring at Volcanic Air Safaris in Rotorua. Their free number won't work for you, but they will be in the international directory. If they don't actually do them, I'm sure he will tell you who does way down in chilly Queenstown, Te Anau etc.

Would be interested in the results.
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In Canada airlines hold alot of respect for float pilots. So I dont know why airlines in Oz are like that?
I have flowen ELQ...good to see the old girl is still flying!!!! where is TUV these days?
if you go through your float flying career without dinging a plane you have done well. its not easy operating on the water around boats over at Straddy on a sunday arvo.
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its not easy operating on the water around boats over at Straddy on a sunday arvo.
especially when some bloke in his tinny drops anchor in the middle of the where you just landed .
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Hi everyone,

I've recently decided that i'd like to go on the floats for a career but im unsure on how to get a foot in the door so to speak ! I have found a couple of operators around Croatia and Greece who say they will take low hour pilots and even pay for a float rating for 'the right applicant'. By time I will actually get round to be able to apply for these positions, I should (if all goes to plan!) have a fair amount of hours and reasonable expirience from instructing (I plan to get my instructor rating after gaining my CPL before moving onto the ME/IR).

Essentially, my question is, I have the funds avalible to do a SES rating out in California next March after I have done my FAA PPL (if my M-1 visa interview goes well on the 14th of October !) and was wondering if it would be worth doing? I think the expirence will be amazing regardless, so if im honest, im very tempted to do it but don't want to 'potentially' waste money that could be used later to get a multi engine commercial sea rating.
Am I making sense with this question.....?

Forgot to mention (don't know if really matters to much) that I will end up with JAA licences.

Thanks guys and girls


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Not a float driver myself (wish I could afford the rating though) but have heard very good things about Bill Lane, he used to run out of Nelson Bay, not sure if he's still there
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Does anyone know of any floatplane training in or near to Cairns?

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