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Oldest Australian Airline Pilot?

Old 19th Jun 2008, 10:29
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Airline Pilot. Now there is an OXYMORON in todays modern jetliner with more computers than human brains on the flightdeck.
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Old 19th Jun 2008, 15:35
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Am I right in thinking that the former Flt Cdr of a now-defunct AirTC flight based not far from 16R, was on 744s but then went back to 737s near 60? Did he then go back to Jumbos when the age bar was raised?

Second, I don't doubt your records but wouldn't a 66-y-o F/O go against the ICAO bar?


John Christie won in the Federal Court but Qantas appealed to the High Court and the appeal was allowed. The judgment is here.
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Old 20th Jun 2008, 23:08
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I don't know about now, but I will be the oldest pilot in a few years. Take that long to pay off the mortgage.
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 20:24
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Piece in latest Flightpath, Vol 20 No 1 -


After stepping out of the Spitfire in 1945, F/L Ted Sly gave up any notion of continuing to fly and returned to the land. However, Ted has always maintained an interest and desire to return to the skies once more. Some 67 years after his first solo in Rhodesia during the Second World War and just prior to his 90th birthday, the amazing Ted has soloed again.

Ted took up flying again to draw attention to the plight of locals to save the Heritage Listed Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome on the north coast of NSW from "inappropriate development by local council". Ted contacted John Gardon, CFI and owner of Flight North to get his flying up to date in the Foxbat.

Ted's family are about to buy him "a little Italian job - a real sleek machine," Ted quipped. "But it won't be no Spit." On the fight to save Evans Head, Ted says: "I decided, rather than relying on other people's reports, I'd better obtain a flying licence to keep an eye on what's happening there. This Second World War aerodrome is a living memorial to those who gave their lives defending freedom in Australia. The Federal Government needs to step in and resume this aerodrome from the council".

(If you have a thing about the DH88 Comet, look out for this issue of Flightpath. Cover picture and some other brilliant air-to-airs of a replica of Grosvenor House flying today in California.)
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Old 25th Aug 2008, 21:41
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There's a 77 years old chap still in command in NZ flying F27's, B732, B733 and doing ATPL flight tests. NZ's oldest teenager.
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 00:22
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That wasn't WH at RQAC, by any chance?

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Old 26th Aug 2008, 01:04
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The usual reason is mum cant stand having the poor old bugger around the house, and constantly threatens to sell up and move closer to her family/dope addled kids when he retires.
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Speak from experience hey Tin?
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 02:29
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What about the youngest Australian airline pilot?
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Old 26th Aug 2008, 03:27
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What about the ugliest?
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Old 21st Nov 2013, 03:05
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Cool Oxymoron?

.... Airline "Pilot:" Now there is an OXYMORON in today's modern aeroplane, with more computers than human brains in the cockpit ....

Here to assert that all that's changed during my 50+ years in the game is that there are more computers. Reckon 85% of those wearing the pilots' costumes -- and sitting in their seats -- have always been better costumed, than they've been intelligent. Or able.
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Old 21st Nov 2013, 03:37
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You must have been bored to find that thread..... from 2008.
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Old 22nd Nov 2013, 22:55
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Youngest Captain?

I am aware of one of the youngest captains. Captain Kent Honour recently gained his command on DHC 8-300 flying for Qlink based out of Cairns. He is only 24 years old. Previously a very experienced flight instructor and also FO on the Twin-Otter flying in the highlands of PNG.
Is anyone aware of a younger airline pilot to gain a command position at such a young age?
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Old 23rd Nov 2013, 01:22
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Not sure of the youngest but QLink have quite a few Captains who received their commands in their early to mid 20's.
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Old 23rd Nov 2013, 05:49
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Captain Kent Honour
Gary's son?
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Old 23rd Nov 2013, 09:23
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Yes Tailwheel. It is Garrys son.
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Old 23rd Nov 2013, 09:31
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Alan (Dusty) Lane gained his DC3 command at Ansett many many years ago aged 21 years.
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Old 24th Nov 2013, 14:51
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Oldest Australian Airline Pilot?

Flew in Incredible India, 2005, observation flight behind a 21 year old Captain and 24 year old FO. 737-400Efis. Both had never seen a razor!
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Old 24th Nov 2013, 23:55
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Youngest captain competitions are just some guy who has really good family connections, Dad owned an aeroplane or had a lot of family money who happened to be at the right place at the right time.
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Old 3rd Feb 2016, 01:36
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Australias oldest pilot

On Caboolture Airfield we have a practicing private pilot who will be 86 in July 2016!! He has logged 19,502 and half as many again mostlikely!!! He flew his Bristol Fighter 2 just before Christmas!!!
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