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Qantaslink Interview

Old 9th Nov 2007, 05:22
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Qantaslink Interview

Has anyone got the latest on what's involved and the order it's done in?

I've been invited for a 2 day Stage 2 & 3. Psych, Medical, Sim and Interview...

How is the interview structured? What type of questions can one expect?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 9th Nov 2007, 06:06
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Why bother,
With the cost of travel to SYD accom etc, unless you already live there.
Plus $195.00 for the privelege of being tested by them, to eventually getting a job (Pay $10000 for your DHC-8 Endo along the way).
Your worth more elsewhere.
On top of this QF Link, have plenty of Captains that have either not have had to go through the QF Phyc process, or actually failed it, and still become respectable Cpatains.
The process was a culling one. In this day and age, anyone with an ATPL should be given a fair hearing without this HR [email protected]
Time for QF Link (and others) to forget the spin and get on with running a Regional Airline.
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Old 9th Nov 2007, 07:47
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What ^ said

I respectfully, also told QLink to kiss my ass.

Wake up QF.....Times are a changing.

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Old 9th Nov 2007, 07:57
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I'd go 1 step further and say the QF as a whole ought to drop it. The P&S was never designed for experienced pilots. More like for school leavers looking for a career in the Air Force etc. Qantas just took it up as Marauder correctly said as a culling mechanism.
Keep it for potential cadets that's never flown before but like Marauder said drop it for ATPLS.
Some great pilots have fallen foul of the stupid P&S. Most now enjoy successful careers in other airlines like Cathay Dragon Singapore Virgin etc.
Qantas's loss is everybody elses gain
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Old 9th Nov 2007, 08:31
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Interesting, I have always done very well at those tests and had opportunities as a result but I am just an average pilot. Not the best not the worst. I don't, therefore, believe the process truly highlights those with good piloting skills.

When you consider the supply problems you would think they would alter the method of "culling" recruits. I agree with Marauder, if you have got your ATPL you should get a hearing. Even the skills test is outdated. Not many Q aircraft rely on barnstorming skills or even the talent to keep a bunch of falling dots from going astray.
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Old 9th Nov 2007, 08:41
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Ditto what has already been said about the crock of s**t that QF Psych & Skills is. It was a pointless exercise before I did it - and was still a pointless exercise after I did it (and passed, by the way).

Thankfully it's all a repressed memory for me now...
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Old 9th Nov 2007, 09:30
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Ok, so back to the question???
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Old 9th Nov 2007, 11:55
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thank you...but NO thanks!

Was offered to proceed to the 2nd Stage of the Interviews, but I said, "thank you BUT no thanks, and by the way.....would I still be expected to pay $10,000 and try to survive 2+ months of NIL wage during the endo. if I want the job?"..... "Yes Mr.Chipmunk, take it or leave it. There are many more in line who are willing to pay to be interviewed for a chance to be do you want it or not?"......Mr Chipmunk says," No thank you. Please let the others through"

Nuff said. I am not the only one who has done the same thing in this last week. I can count at least 7 I know who have said "thanks , BUT no thanks......" in the last week
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Old 9th Nov 2007, 21:53
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I can count at least 7 I know who have said "thanks , BUT no thanks......" in the last week
Why bother applying for the position then?
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Old 11th Nov 2007, 08:01
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Ok, just trying to get some perspective here. Being a lowly NZed GA driver looking for the next break - which is potentially in a 1900, bonded for 3 years and starting on 37K plus allowances.

I have been offered to come and participate in stages 2 & 3 also for Qlink.

If I am successful, will the benefits of working for Qlink outweigh me forking out for selection and Dash 8 endo over staying in NZ????????

Also taking into account future benefits of advancement into Aus Jets over NZ?????
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Old 11th Nov 2007, 11:07
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Yeah but no but, I know of some guys who tested for Qlink, then JQ and QF also looked at the results, in the end offered just never know unless you have a go.
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Old 12th Nov 2007, 04:26
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Out of interest, is anyone getting in/being invited to P&S without the 'minimum' command multi time, but with the minimum TT?
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