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So does your ASIC card pay it's way ?

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So does your ASIC card pay it's way ?

Old 5th Jun 2008, 02:56
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Mrs Bendo went down to the local Post office and picked up my ASIC the other day... that's the Registered Post ASIC, the one that required a signature....!
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 04:54
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I don't want to be the best pilot in the world - Just the oldest
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I think that if you can show proof that you reside at the same address, you can collect registered mail. Mrs IJ who does not share my name has picked up several items on my behalf before without me providing the agent approval.
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Old 5th Jun 2008, 05:46
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Not when I worked at Australia Post you couldn't!!!

Not that I'm complaining mind you... I couldn't be arsed trying to get there during opening hours
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Old 6th Jun 2008, 05:59
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I've had an ASIC for 4 years and recently got a call from CASA because, according to them I don't have an ASIC.... uhhhhh.... "So whats this red card i have and where did my money go that i sent to you....and how have i been getting through airport terminals, and what the... this red card around my neck is made of candy..."

All this time i could of just printed up my own ASIC saved a shit load of time and money and CASA wouldn't of known any different...

But wait... it doesn't end there!!! they don't even want me to fill out an application for one, all i have to do is send them a faxed copy of "candy ASIC" and they'll put in on the system..."ahhh back out onto the security sensitive areas i go".....

Protecting aviation and the nation... well done....Top system...
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Old 6th Jun 2008, 10:34
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You can always remove the plastic card from it's holder and use it to scrape the dogshit off the bottom of your shoe. It also comes in handy when you need to scrape the bird shit off the bottom of the budgie cage!
Other than those two things, I really can't think of anything else it might be useful for. But I'm sure that someone else here will.
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Old 6th Jun 2008, 11:38
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ASIC cards are great for getting into the office (jimmy the lock)when you have lost or misplaced your keys. Works eveytime for me i would be lost with out it

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Old 6th Jun 2008, 15:40
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Huh.... i'm with Pyrotek on this one, lets say for example i was going on a domestic flight or an international flight as a passenger and was waiting for my flight and decided to go buy ahh SOMETHING. If i was in normal clothing and showed them my ASIC would i still receive the discount in this case?
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Old 6th Jun 2008, 16:39
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A valid ASIC is all the proof they need to give you staff discount. Its not up to the cashier to make value judgements based on the appearance of the card holder.

Who are they to say that you dont work at the airport, but just so happen to be there as a passenger today? Who's to say you arent 17 and working as a hangar rat?
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Old 6th Jun 2008, 23:30
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Hahaha, nice, thanks for that!! Finally found some use for the rotten thing!
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 00:34
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yup, awesome..
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 03:11
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I use mine to justify why we paid a professional photographer for our wedding photos. In my ASIC photo I've got my usual head that looks like a dropped pie.
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 03:36
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From the ginger beer side, had an employee abused by a fed for not displaying his asic while working on a RUNNING engine. Said ginger beer told him to FUKC off. Next thing I haveseveral feds and their boss on my doorstep wanting to arrest him.

I explained OH&S issues and FOD to the head honcho and showed that all employees carried said plastic crap in their pockets and all where very willing to show it to any nosey ass who wanted to see it. Problem gone. From annoying checks every day to none in about 9 months.
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 03:56
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Building a fence around an airport which is served by RPT does not make it secure, especially when the fence only goes part way around. The whole bloody thing is an ill-conceived knee-jerk reaction by government on the "advice" of bureaucrats who would not have a clue. As for the initial and renewal costs, bloody murder.
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 06:43
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Just wished I owned shares in a factory that produced all that terrorist proof fencing that now surrounds our airports.
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Old 7th Jun 2008, 08:17
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ASIC the great australian con

21 million passengers last year carted in/out of Australia by international crew........NO ASIC.....NO background checks.....NO AFP....NO ASIO....NO DOTARS....NO CASA.........NO $190 ripoff!!!!!!!

So what is the ASIC for???........very simple, nothing to do with terrorism!

Its for the new booze regs mates...it will be compulsory to have and wear an ASIC at all times when being a "local" aviation participant ON DUTY and/or ON AIRSIDE....no exception...planned right from the beginning but using security risk as the excuse.

Actually....it is a joke AND you people put up with it WHEN you should be demanding that the ASIC CONJOB become a term of reference for the Senate Inquiry INTO CASA......it is your only hope....

or have a National NO ASIC day and stay home and ground ALL domestic flights and the people will then demand WHY are only international services running. It will also be the last day for the Minister for Transport!

By the way....the Transport Security Act of 2005 only requires international crew to be in uniform and display a $5 company issued ID card.

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Old 1st Jul 2008, 21:00
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Carbon, you can always use an arm band holder or, have a clear plastic pocket on your hi-vis vest. OH&S issue solved
Wow! add the two together, and I could hardly bare to look at it, let alone wear it...nice thought though!
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Old 1st Jul 2008, 22:37
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20% Off at the Rip Curl shop at Tulla, $2 coffees at High Tide.
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Old 1st Jul 2008, 23:07
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Great rant ... loved it. But the ASIC requirement is demanded by DOTARs, not CASA. CASA just became an issuing authority. Pointless then bringing it up at the CASA inquiry.

Submissions to the white paper, which I think are now closed, are where the ASIC thing should have been bought up. It was severely criticised in the JCPA inquiry into airport security by just about everyone involved, but strangely was left out of any recommendations.

Well, maybe not so strange.

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