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Sad demise of Perth DC3 Operator

Old 25th Mar 2007, 04:39
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Sad demise of Perth DC3 Operator

The DC3 scenic operator at Perth, "Classic Wings" appears to have ceased operations. Very suprised they couldn't get the support to keep it running.

Does anyone know if it is permanent or are they likely to reappear at a later date? Still love to go for a spin in the old bird...
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Old 25th Mar 2007, 06:35
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I think you'll find its not due to lack of customers or aircraft issues rather an AOC issue. They were operating under another eastern states DC 3 operator's AOC who have had their's cancelled or suspended and hence Classic Wings cannot fly.
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Old 25th Mar 2007, 09:26
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Word is unfortunately also financial issues and a run of bad luck. Unexpected maintainence and incidents on her kept it unflyable = no cashflow= problems

Like any new airline the cost estimates tend to skyrocket and if you cannot hold out for delays/breakdowns then its all over. The old adage stands true I feel, big fortune to small (no) fortune.
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Old 25th Mar 2007, 09:41
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I was waiting to go for a ride on that sexy aircraft!

I wish them all the best and hope they get it in the sky where it belongs!!
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Old 25th Mar 2007, 12:03
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Thumbs up

I dearly hope they get it up and going again.
the young bloke seemed to have plenty of drive and it would be sad to see it wasted on a run of bad luck. good on him for giving it a bash.
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Old 25th Mar 2007, 22:02
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Unfortunately the big radials tend to have quite a few failures of various kinds, especially these days when there's not that many of them around so the in-depth maintenance knowledge is harder to come by.
Reliability for day after day trouble-free (or at least not much trouble) operation would have to be a major factor in running a business like that, I wouldn't like the sleepless nights wondering when the next unscheduled maintenance was going to be needed - not saying that's what may or may not be the case here, but in my experience your chances of doing a day's flying as planned with that kind of engine are quite a bit slimmer than with more modern kinds, sadly.
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Old 26th Mar 2007, 00:39
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Had the pleasure of going on a scenic flight in said aircraft, was without a doubt one of the best flying experiences i've ever had. Very professional and the amount of effort they've put into the operation they really deserve better than this. Fantastic idea, if only the old DC3 agreed. Hope it all works out.
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 02:39
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Should be in the air soon according to the website so Braz driver, you may get your flight
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 03:24
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One of aviations greatest treats would have to be flying in one of these great birds.

Still treasure the memory of the bushies captain letting me sit in the LHS on the way to Weipa on my last flight out of Aurukun. No real risk, I was the only passenger.

I hope they get it back in the air soon. I have to go to Perth for work occassionally and was looking forward to lining up a flight next time I was over.
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 04:00
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I knew that ugly old bugger in the middle when he was a DC3 lik lik boi EFFO for Ansett MAL

bihain longtaim eh Dennis?
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 04:40
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Help! That just freaked me out! 3 grown men staring back at me.......
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 09:52
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So when did it last fly? I have NEVER seen a DC-3 flying in Perth or Jandakot in the last 4 years I have been there. There was one parked at Jandakot but I never saw it move.
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 10:00
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I know this is a bit of a thread drift but seeing as we are talking about round engined planes & those from AN that may have flwon them has anybody heard of the whereabouts of one Keith Hants? He used to fly for Ansett ( I believe he shook an engine off the airframe that was dangling anyway into the bay, DC 4 or 6 I think?) & latter run the old steam driven flight sim at the end of the southern fingerway at YMEN back in the 80's?
Nice guy, loved a chat & had stories that brought a smile to ones face
Terrific guy, real genuine charactor.

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Old 8th Apr 2008, 10:43
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Zhaadum, I saw a DC3 taking off from Perth a few weeks ago. I get into Perth once every couple of months. Maybe you just have poor aircraft recognition skills.
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 10:43
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So when did it last fly?
March the 8th according to their website.

Click here to read for yourself.
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 10:51
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Keith Hants

Here you go Wal -
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 10:53
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As much as I would love it to succeed, I can't help but think that Perth is the wrong place for an op like that...

If you think how much the hourly rate would be to run an old DC3 then factor wages and everything else into it, you would need some decent loads on a regular basis to break even..and Perth doesn't have the population to sustain it (IMO)
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 11:23
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fantome thanks a lot for that link. I remember doing my initial IF training with him in that "Link" trainer I think it was called. How he used to 'spoon' feed it to keep it going on that bed of air!
A quick look back in an old logbook showed 1983, AT34 Trainer, ahh can almost hear the guy now
A most warm & friendly guy a man that you cannot pass without a chat.
I hope he's well & still talking the leg off a rocking chair!

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Old 8th Apr 2008, 11:48
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The market research, and indeed the flying that CWS did while she was operational the first time, shows and showed that Perth really does have the base to sustain the operation.

Yes, she can be expensive to run, but not as much as some people believe - and most people would guess that yes, maintenance is one of the biggest costs in the operation, but a big way of saving money is to be preventative in maintenance, in particular with regards to engine handling. Classic Wings crews are incredibly lucky to be able to draw on the experience of Pionair and Southern DC-3 Trust crews with the operation of CWS. After all, she was the pride of those crews for 13 years, let alone the other 2 Daks to go with it, and all gave and still give brilliant service to those operators.

The aeroplane is still very airworthy, she is run every couple of weeks and flown usually once a month or so to ensure that everything works properly - and yes that was her you saw at Perth a few weeks ago, getting some crew currency up in preparation for some checks and the proving flight. Yes, we are that close.

I will never deny that we made mistakes, yes we did, but we have learnt from them. And it is from this learning that the operation will be even better the second time around.

Any sane person would have given up by now, but if it is possible to fall in love with a machine then, hey, we have, and so we won't give up on it.

The support we have received from a lot of people is amazing, and we are very hopeful that support will continue during the restart of the operation.

We have managed to break, saw, cut, bite, get through the last bits of red tape - and I know that most will be stunned as to what has had to happen - and as soon as those last two points are complete, there'll be an operational DC-3 in Perth again (and you'll get your flights!)

And how do I know this stuff? I'm the guy sitting in the right hand seat...
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Old 8th Apr 2008, 11:58
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I was at ''Shakespere in the Park'' (Kings Park) last year. Mrs Braz dragged me along. That old girl doing orbits of the city at night - the actors could not compete! It was music to my ears! Thanks lads!!

I will be going for a ride in the beast when it is up and running! Congrats to all involved!!!
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