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PPRuNe Forums Thread Wiki: PNG Ples Bilong Tok Tok
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A thread where ex PNG geriatrics lapuns and long longs can live in the dim distant past.

Where tall stories are accepted as fact.

War stories are applauded.

Grab a Brownie, pull up a story and join in a trip down memory lane!!!

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PNG Ples Bilong Tok Tok

Old 12th Dec 2004, 22:59
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Check your PMs
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 23:20
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Great minds think alike, Animalclub. I think it was the Weinkeller or something similar. It was under the front verandah at the Gateway.

Google comes up with:
January 13, 1981 - In Australia, the Woolworths bomber is caught in trap - but no name.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 23:27
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I thought it was L#rry D#niels or something like that.........
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Old 13th Dec 2004, 00:00
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He recorded a tape with such titles as "Streets of Mt Hagen" to the tune of Streets of Toledo,
Streets of Laredo

Jo Bamber used to do a rendition "The Streets of Chuave"
".....I met a young Chimbu all dressed in arse grass...."

Something like that.

The WasteGate boozer was a baaaad place.
Old 13th Dec 2004, 03:17
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Bingo! Chimbu Warrior has the correct name!
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Old 13th Dec 2004, 07:06
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Thumbs up PNG SONGS

I have already posted, " The Ode to Mendi " and " Charlie Q ", I have the words to, " Once a jolly Chimbu " , got to find them, please give me around 24 hours, I will have to go through the cartons marked, PNG, memories, assorted gutpella, wantoks, etc, etc.


Once a jolly chimbu, down by the Markham Bridge,
Under the shade of a betel nut tree,
And he sang as he watched and waited for a Puk Puk now ,
You'll come a kaikai the buai with me.



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Old 13th Dec 2004, 09:52
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Man Bilong Balus long PNG
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Speaking of songs; I remember my Chief Pilot from my Dz days singing 'Six hours to go' to the tune of the old C&W song
'Six days on the road'
Ozmate; What's the chance of you contacting AY and asking him to supply the words? I told him ages ago that I'd like him to write them down for me. He sang the song at my wedding in PNG back in 1990 and when he reached the last verse with the words
"....if you crash it do it right
as you crawl from the wreckage set it alight,
and the boss will buy you a beer and tell you
that you're all right"
Dennis Douglas gave the thumbs up sign!!
It brought the house down!!!!!!

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.
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Old 13th Dec 2004, 12:21
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Angel Name bilong dispela

Torres, close,

Chimbu W, are you near a tree, also wantok, close.

[email protected] [email protected], the Woolies man, after a term in a NSW accommodation facility, he was sent back to nz, visa cancelled and never to re enter Oz.

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Old 13th Dec 2004, 22:17
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Torres you are indeed right,the bar underneath the Gateway was called the Weinkeller.Tinpis,I guess it depends on your point of view as to whether it was a Baaaaad place.I lived "klostu" in the late 70's/early 80's and spent a number of great evenings there (I think!!)Who remembers the Balus Bar at the old International terminal?As I recall that was a bad place!Or the 80's Saturday night discos at the POM Yachtie
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Old 14th Dec 2004, 03:38
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Is the WasteGate still there?In 1970 it was full on with transitting workers heading for the big Bougainville mine project (har har) a few vietnam victims so it was pretty wild at times. Sharpie and others held court in the lower bar.I recall a beer bar on the roof was there a pool?
There was a night club closer to town everyone hung out in cant for the life of me remember the name but pretty sure was an upstairs joint. One had to be very wary of the dreaded beer goggles there.
Malarial tours pilots were always friendly and provided the odd crash pad in their "mess"
Had a fair bit of time on 185's them days nearly got hired by Stol but was whisked away by Daphne Johnson to Mt Hagen and placed under the watchful eye of Von Helly.(I know ziss vether ! )
First flight I did was looking for a Baron at Nomad River. Square search for 3 hours then a square search for Nomad River! Sadly the Baron was a CFIT with the loss of 6 pob I think, hit a hill wasnt marked (remember the "unreliable data" on the WAC charts?) .
Quite few more of those flights were to come.
Old 14th Dec 2004, 06:34
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Any of you old New Guinea hands remember a John Bishop attempting to pass through the territory? Would have been early 70's, spent longer there than planned due to a bit of freight being found that was not on the ferry flight manifest.

Old 14th Dec 2004, 08:49
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tinpis ... it was the Golden Shovel at the Comworks Mess at 4 mile (Boroko)... named after the Golden Spade at the Chevron Hotel, Kings Cross night club. A good spot.

In the 80's they built a night club at the Boroko Hotel (I got married there in 1965 when it was THE hotel of POM!!).
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Old 14th Dec 2004, 13:02
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Angel Once a jolly Chimbu

It has been just over 30 years since, the Grievance Committee and I left PNG, when it was a great place to live.

My Pidgin is a bit rusty and I have not been able to find my book of, PNG Wantoks, songs, and whatnames.

I will do my best, from memory and please, if you see a mistake, please let me know, so that we can get it right.

" Once a jolly Chimbu " , to the tune of "Waltzing Matilda "

Once a jolly Chimbu, down by the Markham Bridge,
under the shade of a betel nut tree
and he sang as he watched and waited for a puk puk now,
you'll come a kaikai the buai with me.


Kaikai the buai, kaikai the buai
you'll come a kai kai the buai with me
and he sang as he watched and waited for a puk puk now
You'll come a kai kai the baui with me

Down came a puk puk underneath the Markham bridge,
Up jumped the chimbu and grabbed him with glee
and he sang as his shoved that puk puk in his kai kai bag,
You'll come a kai kai the buai with me.


Down came a Kiap riding on his wilwil,
down the Polis Bou's, wanpela, tupela, tri,
bilong huset that puk puk you've got in your kai kai bag,
you'll come a kaikai the buai with me


Up jumped the Chimbu and sprang into the Markham river,
you'll never catch mi alive said he,
and his dewel may be heard,
as you walkem past the Markham Bridge,
You'll Come A Kaikai the Baui with me.




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Old 14th Dec 2004, 22:43
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Animal Club ..... I was there when the Uni in PNG did the breathalyser bit. Publishing it in the Poskuria was a baaaaaaaad move 'cos it only encouraged a "competitive" atmosphere, and there were some results that were impossible since they indicated death, or at the very least they were comatose.!!
I got stopped once on my way home from the dero, and was merely double the Aussie limit as there was no limit in PNG.
Threy had a Cop there but only to stop the vehicles at4 miles, since no Whitepuk was game enough to stop at a Red Light after dark.!!

Mike Feeney ... Could set your watch by him bursting into song (Usually Men of Harlech) at 1900 in the Temple after a flagon of white had been consumed. When Chimbu Chuckles and I had a Bingle in a C185, he was waiting for us to arrive back at the Temple, towing the said 185 along the Moitaka road, tail wheel on the back of a Police Ute, and was already into several Wines on the outside deck with Alan Craigie. After Instructing us to first call our wives (It had been on TV) he then instructed us to get a beer.
THEN the investigation began. "What happened.??" We told him. "Silly Bastards". End of investigation.!!
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Old 14th Dec 2004, 22:45
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How vague memories return.........

Animalclub. Do you recall a hole in the wall bar at the Boroka Hotel? Vague recollections..........

Robroy. Markham Bridge - gone. Washed away in a flood some months ago. Think there's a temporary bridge further up stream.

30/30 Green light. The Weinkellar Bar used to have a great lunch.

Prospector. Don't remember a John Bishop, but most of us knew about a Ronald Biggs!
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Old 15th Dec 2004, 06:23
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Huh? That's strange. I could've worn that the Pos Guria reported, some time ago, that the new Markham Bridge had been finished and, initially, only open to light traffic.

Perhaps I'd make a lousy witness in Court after all...
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Old 15th Dec 2004, 21:08
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Did Cec Randalls' Crowley Aztec ever get found? VH-CS?

Went missing between Wasu and Kabwum about 1969....... and there was wide industry speculation about Biggsie travelling o/s via Aztec around that time also.

Cec was CP of STOL in 68, and did my Aztec endorsement there. He fitted into the Aztec OK. Remember that he hated 185's - probably the space limits!!

happy days,
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Old 15th Dec 2004, 21:16
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They never found Cec or the Aztruck.
His wife was still in Lae in 73.
I was on the search for for the 206 in Lae 73 with the Smiths on board.It was in the same area Cec went missing and the air search failed to find them.
The wreckage was found by a local hunter.
Old 16th Dec 2004, 02:49
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Grandpa Aerotart
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Were they the ones who had avoided contact with the 'canibals/headhunters' to the point where they died of exposure?

I heard this happened in the Kabwum Valley in the 70s...very sad if true.
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Old 16th Dec 2004, 04:02
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Chuck, yes both had survived the impact.
The passenger died soon after and the pilot walked off. His body was found some distance from the wreck in kunai grass at high altitude days after the air search was called off.
His tracks indicated he had avoided contact with villages, perhaps concussed. Would have been dogs barking etc.
I spoke to them both in Lae before they took off, admiring the pilots new camera.
If you ever thought a fixed wing aircraft couldnt be operated like a helicopter a ride with Sypho in the Porter on that search would have proved you wrong.

Very sad.

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