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AOPA Doing Fine.

Old 7th Dec 2003, 05:47
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if you looked at the big picture you would realise that an egm is not the way to go now

it would make things worse not better

the agm is not that far away and best to give this board a fair go

after all they are doing a good job

let them get on with it
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Old 7th Dec 2003, 07:41
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you get what you vote for


You are suggesting one of two things, we (the current Board) resign and let a very small vocal group, who I personally think would destroy GA, take charge. (without any flow on policy, or treasury in house memory!!!).

That's it??? We just give in and hand it over to the lunatic fringe???

OR, we go to an election (I suppose you are suggesting the whole Board, again) and yet again, as we have this time, we get two or three 'destroyers' who white ant our efforts with continued requests for stuff that technically they are entitled to, but realistically, as a volunteer organisation, we don't have the time to respond to AND get on with the business.

The people on this Board were elected with a big majority of votes. There is an election coming up, half the Board (6 positions) will be vacant. Lets see if we can get it right.

My phone is 0429 667117 and I answer all e-mails.

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Old 8th Dec 2003, 06:42
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Pesawat_terbang. You would like "acid rain" if your puppetmaster told you to like it.

Gaunty. YOU are peddling the misinformation and the problem on the AOPA website is YOU.

Snarek. The "lunatic fringe" are saying "Gaunt's Gotta Go" Remember it takes 100 lunatics to get an EGM not just a few that refuse to condone your the Board's antics. How did your "flow on policy or treasury go? Not too good it appears? Regarding troubling these overworked volunteers, you took the job on and
told us you knew what you were doing. Now we can't even get the correct paperwork to frame a resolution at the next AGM that were denied us last year by your A Team. We can't even get it from ASIC who should have a copy of the amended Articles, because you haven't given it to them.

Think about another Board member who got a substantial amount of votes. You and your lot decided to have a "preferential poll" (which is highly illegal) and left out 3 of the Board you knew would oppose you to get a majority.

Brilliant "girl guide stuff", now we have to put up with a wad of extra strict liability offences because someone took it in his head to make a big fellow of himself with the Minister.

We can hear the hissing of deflating ego's already. Can you hear the 100 lunatics?
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Old 8th Dec 2003, 07:03
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Only 4

There are only 4 lunatics, but they like most lunatics are loud

I don't understand much of what you say below, 'flow on treasury???'

Put it in a question and I will try to answer it.

As for the 'A team' well I wasn't on the Board at the last election. Why doesn't matter. I too tried to get a motion up about democratically back filling vacant positions, it too was defeated (ironically with the vote of someone who would have been offered a position now if it were won).

The 'Board member who got a substatial amount of votes' was actually the last elected. That alone says a lot!!!

What's this about a preferential poll, got me beat what you mean by that. If you mean the 'last elected' should be the first to go this time around, sounds fair to me and (I think) means I will be one of them (I will have to go back over the results to know for sure).

Oh, and if Gaunt is the problem, call on him to volutarilly stand aside. If he gets re-elected, accept the will of the members and shut up (mind you, you have found a whole bunch of nit-picking reasons to not accept the will of the members this time around, so I have little faith you will be able to next time).

I personally think Gaunt has a (deserved) big following and will get up again. So I don't think such a challenge will worry him too much.

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Old 8th Dec 2003, 09:30
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your handle does zip to give you any credibility whatsoever and the [email protected] that you carry on with shows that you neither represent the members of aopa nor i suggest do you have the greater good of the association foremost in your mind.

put up or shut up i say

and to the moderator of this forum, the user name for this person is a blatent lie and should be removed so as not to give the wrong impression to those that might believe such dribble

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Old 8th Dec 2003, 11:54
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Thank you we happen to agree and have been thinking about it for some time, of he will be thread banned and his user name banned.

If he/she cares to email us we will make arrangements for another 'nic of his choosing as long as it does not purport to represent part of a group or organisation.

In the meantime cries of censorship, free speech and all the other drivel that goes with it, will go unheeded.

Further "links" directly to "other" forums in the "cause of so called free speech" will no longer be tolerated.
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Old 9th Dec 2003, 08:33
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Says it all

Ron Lawford
AOPA President

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Posted: Tue Dec 09, 2003 6:45 am Post subject: AOPA Board News


Gary Gaunt today offered his resignation as Secretary of the AOPA Board.

The President Ron Lawford accepted his resignation as being in the interests of the members of AOPA.

Ron said that while a number of accusations of misconduct had been levelled at Gary Gaunt no evidence had been produced by anyone to substantiate these allegations.

Mr. Lawford said he hoped that the resignation from the executive would remove the ill feeling that has become evident in the last few months and expressed the hope that the Board can now move forward united in improving the well being of General Aviation in Australian.

Mr. Lawford said that the resignation should not be construed as any admission of the allegations made against Mr. Gaunt, which still remain allegations only.
Ron Lawford
AOPA President
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Old 9th Dec 2003, 08:47
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ah, a thorn by any other name

How does that song go.

"Oh so your back, from outer space"

And I get accused of having a pseudonym

Anyway, what will please you pair.

You threaten an EGM if Gaunt won't resign. You have no proof or basis for your threat other than the ramblings of a couple of AOPA has-beens.

Gaunt analyses the situation, he decides that if an EGM is called it will destroy AOPA, and so, despite the fact that your allegations are baseless vomit, he resigns to appease you and to save AOPA.

That in my view is selfless courage. What you are doing, in my view, is cowardly terrorism.

If we were dealing with honourable sane people, that would be the end of it. But it won't be, will it????

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Old 16th Dec 2003, 03:56
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If your a member go check out the AOPA forum development! Very Juicy.
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Old 16th Dec 2003, 04:05
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“NEW Interesting Developments now emerging on the AOPA forum.” If you’re a member go and check it out.
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Old 16th Dec 2003, 04:24
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By what criteria are they doing a good job? It looks more like a dissaster.
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Old 16th Dec 2003, 10:26
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AOPA is doing just fine.

here are always idiots in the wings (no pun intended) intent on destroying anything or refusing to accept that their time is over.

The people to whom I refer, who in my view are the true cause of discontent are

1. Bill Hamilton. Thanks for your contribution in the past, but you are past your use-by date. Please retire gracefully.

2. John Lyon. Hmmmm, no comment!!!

3. Tony Mitchell. He seems to me to be just plain anti-everything. Very destructive.

Oh and AGAF, one of the moderators, an ex AOPA employee Rob Loane. Sure you just don't have an axe to grind Rob??? Mitchell is another 'moderator' what a joke!!!

As for the others, guys, you started with good intent, but your forum is now little more than a soapbox for anti-GA activities. It has become a joke!

Sampai Jumpa Lagi

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Old 16th Dec 2003, 10:38
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I didn't like what went on at the AGM, from either side.

The Chair wouldn't hear a motion from the floor, and then the new President seemed to be determined to sieze control.

Very confusing.

But the members elected this Board, so to the trouble makers named above, and others, shaddup and let the members decision stand!!!

Bill Hamilton, you have been around since the decline of AOPA, I actually hold you personally responsible for much of that decline, please Sir, go away!!

As for AGACF, can only get in every now and then, but from what I've seen I'd never bother joining the 'Tony Mitchell Memorial Whinge Forum'

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Old 16th Dec 2003, 10:49
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You fools!!!

How can a GA Association run without a QANTAS Capatain at the helm!!!

My god man, have you see the resumes, the resumes, and trillions of hours, oh and such negotiation skills.

You Idiots Idiots Idiots, you got it wrong, we must have an EGM to get back control, the stupid members, they got it wrong, they just weren't listening...



Non, down here you putant!!!!

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Old 16th Dec 2003, 13:58
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There are none so blind as those that cannot see.

This warning says it all about this forum

As these are anonymous forums the origins of the contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent. In fact the press may use it, or the unscrupulous, to elicit certain reactions.,

The truth from Majorie paints a slightly different picture, definately not a pretty one..........
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Old 16th Dec 2003, 18:14
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The truth from Majorie paints a slightly different picture, definately not a pretty one..........
There are always two sides to a story

The story I hear is of lack of communication, directors who can't work together, dummy spits, threats and intimidation. Read all the carefully worded retractions on here and AOPA forums - certainly seem to have been posted under duress..

In the words of my 9 year old son 'Build a bridge and get over it already!'

The behaviour that has been shown has been appalling - I wonder sometimes why I bothered forking over the bucks to rejoin.

I have been trying to convince some young Air League student pilots to join AOPA, get some young blood into aviation, but I'm now too ashamed to recommend it.

Actually, they would probably make a better board - at least they have self discipline, a positive attitude and would know there's no 'I' in team.
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Old 17th Dec 2003, 06:04
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There are certainly two sides to every story, and yes there were quite a few 'if you don't do/vote/act in accordance with my wishes I will resign' from more than one member of the then executive.

As for Marjorie's post, I don't intend to revisit it, it was twenty or so bridges ago, but it does not fully accord with my recollection, and I was there!!!

The majority of the Board have had enough of this and are just getting on with it.

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Old 17th Dec 2003, 07:10
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snarek - can you tell me what the former VPs agenda is and why he has become so vicious towards yourself (well towards everybody actually - it is just that because you post on AGACF you cop it). If you went to that site for the first time you would think you were dealing with a 13 year old. It is hard to believe that he was once an AOPA VP but that might explain the downhill slide AOPA suffered in years gone by. Does he have a following or is he just an online lunatic ?
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Old 17th Dec 2003, 08:03
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I don't wish to get into the personalities, just say I am proud to be one of about 20 million Australians he doesn't seem to get on with.

Why me in particular, well many moons ago CASA wrote to all aircraft owners telling us that under the new, and AOPA approved, Part 47 we could now hand our C of Rs over to our nominated LAME along with a signed book of cheques.

Said person was part of the Board at that time, I was not (never been on a Board with him).

As aircraft owners, Jane and I said FARKTHIS loudly and so, via Democrat Senator Brian Griegg, and amongst howls of protest (well insults actually) from said person and one other still on Board, we had it disallowed in the Senate.

So the reason, because I am obviously a fool who fails to recognise the enormity of their collective wisdom I suppose

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Old 17th Dec 2003, 08:53
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Bart Ifonly

The only person blind my son is you if you really think your hearing the truth shoot yourself now.

You would be better of on the AGACF forum where In my view they advertise bringing down AOPA, their administrator has been sending out emails to organizations with an address to give out damaging information, of course that would probably the information they want you to hear not the truth. AGACF the forum where most people visit once and never return, at least most people are constructive on PPRuNe.
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