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CcarMartin 28th Sep 2021 10:50

List of flight school with visa F1
Hi everyone,

I currently live in Spain and I want to move to the United States to finish my studies on CPL and try to get the CFI as well. I already have the PPL(A) issue by AESA, so I need to validate it in FAA.

My idea is to move to California, but I can't find any school there where I can get the F1 visa, all schools offer and provide only the M1 Visa.

Does anyone have a list of all schools that offer F1 visa in California?

Thanks in advance

Banana Joe 28th Sep 2021 16:10

There is only a very small number of schools that have F-1 programs and they are only in Florida and one in Oregon. There isn't any in California. ​

CcarMartin 28th Sep 2021 18:10

Thanks Banana Joe,

So if I get the M1 visa to finish my commercial pilot license, is it possible in the future to get a new visa to become an Airline Pilot and CFI, and with that being able to get all the necessary "time building" hours as an instructor? People who move to the United States to become an Airline Pilot, how do they do it?

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