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ATPMBA 29th Jul 2020 17:32

Kodak Flight Operations?
Does Kodak, headquartered in Rochester, New York have a corporate flight department?
If so what types do they have?

Thank you.

Spooky 2 31st Jul 2020 18:45

I recall years ago they had Gulfstreams but after so much turmoil these days they might be using public transportation.

I Gogled Eastman Kodak and found several references to their flight ops/

misd-agin 1st Aug 2020 14:29

1996 revenue - $16 billion
2005 revenue - $11 billion
2019 revenue - $1.3 billion

$7.8 billion summer 2010. $1.8 billion summer 2012.

Stunning change.

jimjim1 3rd Aug 2020 05:16

Brief discussion here
Harvard Business Review

BDAttitude 3rd Aug 2020 08:52

Being affected by similar developments, I can assure you that the article is missing the main point:


Being inventive and having spend billions on a technology is less important than being there at the right point in time when a technology is finally embraced by customers and becomes viable due to scaling effects. Kodaks fate and the fate of may other businesses is explained by that. Just look at the car industry.
GM had an electric vehicle in the 90ies.
Apple had a tablet PC in the 90ies. HP, Sharp, Palm, Psion pocket PCs.
There have been many "social networks" before Facebook in the early 2000nds. None is know today, instead a ridiculous cartoon of them.
Video Disc, Betamax ... If the timing is right, even the inferior product will succeed ... the history is full of it.

jimjim1 5th Aug 2020 17:57

I don't agree (from a position of fairly profound ignorance:-) that Kodak had a timing problem. A quick look shows that Kodak made the first digital camera ever and marketed consumer products in 1996 and 1999 and I suspect others. The Co. failed in 2012.

Sony 1997, Nikon 2002.

All from - Digital Cameras | Industrial Museum

It was something else, they were bang on time and must have had a LOT of money to spend. I am sure there will be many thorough analyses.

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