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levashov 28th Aug 2013 18:27

Looking for school in LA area
Hello guys,

currently looking for part 141 school to get a Multi Engine addon for my FAA CPL in LA area, also it shoud provide SEVIS.
Would you please advise one, or provide with useful links.

Greetings from Russia.

flyboyike 29th Aug 2013 18:56

Не знаю что вы там в Лос Анджелесе (где дороговизна мама не горюй) потеряли. У нас тут во Флориде даже есть школа, где для Российских авиаторов специальные курсы есть.

Airline Pilot Training Russia

levashov 30th Aug 2013 12:20


Дороже в каком плане? Проживание? Я посмотрел стоимость самого обучения , получается примерно одинаково, как и везде. Кстати сказать, я и сам получал СПЛ во Флориде, в Помпано Бич.
Калифорнию рассматриваю, потому что у меня там товарищ сейчас получает инструкторские рейтинги, хочу за одно побывать в Калифорнии.

Единственное, что меня склоняет опять обратить внимание на Флориду это меньшее количество аэродромов вокруг ЛА, чем в Майями.

А Вы где находитесь? В Ормонд Бич? Вы инструктор?

flyboyike 31st Aug 2013 12:53

Проживание в Калифорнии в целом и в Лос-Анджелесе в частности дороже в разы.

Да, я в Ормонд-Бич, но сам я не инструктор, просто линейный пилот на Е-170/175.

MD83FO 31st Aug 2013 13:12

Long beach airport used to have a school with good rates on the seminole.
santa monica tends to be more expensive.
van nuys has good rates also, although it it the busiest GA airport in the world.

turbulentmonkey 5th Sep 2013 18:15

Check out Long Beach Flying Club if you want to be smart with your cash. The location is great for learning and the rates are some of the best out there.

I've been renting from them for the last few months and have had a great experience with them so far. You'll find the club has more of a club/school atmosphere rather than a 'business' atmosphere which I've seen at some other airfields in the nearby area.

flyboyike 5th Sep 2013 18:29

turbulentmonkey...now, why didn't I think of a handle like that? I love it!

Paqualino Maragia 12th Sep 2013 21:00

I had a very good experience with UKFT in Long Beach a month ago. The old owner sold it and the new owner is working very hard to improve its reputation. I recommend it.

turbulentmonkey 13th Sep 2013 22:12

I should point out I was merely recommending a club - where you go and what sort of outfit you fly with depends on a lot of variables. For me, flying from long Beach came down to where I was sent with my job. I guess I just got lucky with California.

Go where is best for YOU :ok:

Calilysum 15th Sep 2013 05:40

I am same to you . I am looking for an academy at there also .
I have noticed a flight school is called Fly Corona . Has anyone been to ?
I was sent email for them at last week but no respond . Sighing

IFly0toATPL 10th Nov 2016 21:07

Guys, did you eventually do time building at Fly Corona? I would love to fly some hours in California and they seem cheap and interesting.

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