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B748International 13th Mar 2013 19:15

United Jumpseat flight possibile?
Hi everybody,

I am flying to the USA in a few weeks. I am a real aviation fan and also
have a PPL. :)
Is it possibile to visit the flight-deck inflight?
Are my chances higher if I give a letter to the Captain via the flight attendant?
Thank you very much.

giggitygiggity 14th Mar 2013 01:11

Not entirely sure of the exact FAA regulations but i'm pretty sure inflight cockpit visits have been prohibited since 9/11. A letter won't make any difference unfortunately. If you want to see the cockpit, if you ask the cabin crew before landing whether you can have a look when you've landed I am sure they will say yes.

mutt 14th Mar 2013 01:41

prohibited since 9/11
They were prohibited prior to 9-11. Now you have a better chance of getting into Fort Knox.


giggitygiggity 14th Mar 2013 02:16

Didn't know that! I remember visiting my Dad up front in Europe, would have been about 1997-8. I feel sorry for the OP, such a shame these days.

West Coast 15th Mar 2013 05:52

Not the same thing, but you can arrange a visit before or after the flight to have a look see.

jsfboat 17th Mar 2013 00:25

My airline will allow visitors to the cockpit before or after the flight, but before is a bad time since we are busy getting the flight ready. If you ask the Flight Attendant(s) they should be able to arrange it for you after landing, unless the crew is in a rush to catch a flight to go home.

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