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Question Phoenix East Aviation for CFI/II and employment

Hello flyers!

I'm from India. I have been keen on getting a CFI/II/MEI rating on my FAA licence.
One of the flight schools which caught my attention is PEA, Florida. Apparently, it is one of the few flight schools which has F1 approved programs.
Could anyone kindly shed some light on the CFI/II program and its prospect, and also about the subsequent employment with them?
Is job as an instructor guaranteed on course completion?

Suggestions much appreciated.

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I did my trianing in PEA between 2009-2010, so I cannot guarantee that my statements are still valid. However:

Initial instructor (with FOIs) was done either through CFII part 141 or MEI part 61. Your call. Rumor has it that the complex single-engine airplane (PA28R-180) was not suitable for initial CFI-A.

The school is very thorough and will not sign you up for FAA checkride unless you really are ready.

When I did my training, everyone got hired but the ones failing several times (or failing the OPC, which was way easier than the checkride itself).

Once hired, follow the school policies regardless of your own opinion (even though some seem inefficient and pointless) and you will gain tons of hours quickly. Be ware of you student's passrates (!) :-)
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Thumbs up

Thank for that info.
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I think as long as you're from India, you'll be fine. PEA looks like Mini-Air-India.
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Hi All, just a quick question I am currently at another flight school on an F1 visa and looking to move from this flight school to another F1 school due to the way the school is been operated at present.

Does anybody know roughly what PEA pays CFI's? I saw some mentions in forums from years ago mentioning $10 p/h..

Any help would be appreciated. Not too concerned with the pay as more concerned about the hours on offer but $10 is pretty low. PM me if you prefer not to post. Thanks again.
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