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Old 22nd Nov 2016, 20:06   #301 (permalink)
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Hi all, some help for me please: I am EASA ATP, 2000 TT 1500 JET.

MEP/IR expired, as well as SEP and type rating. May I convert anyway in a FAA CPL/IR single or I have to renew my EASA licences before?
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Old 7th Dec 2016, 01:59   #302 (permalink)
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Hello Fellow Airman,

I have a question.

I have a FAA PPL and would like to upgrade it to a FAA ATPL with a A320 Rating on it. In addition, I have a UKATPL, HKG ATPL, JCAB ATPL.

I have 8000 Hours total time.
4500 hours PICs.
3200 hours PICs on A320/321.

Can Anyone follow me thru the current and most updated procedure to have it done?

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Old 7th Mar 2017, 06:34   #303 (permalink)
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Hi all.

I have an ICAO ATPL. I am doing my SIM recurrent at Dallas, Texas in May.

I want to do FAA ATPL. Can somebody guide me to a good flight school which can help me with Ground school, ATPL verification, TSA , Medical etc. I can do my ME check ride during my planned SIM training.

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Old 8th Mar 2017, 19:42   #304 (permalink)
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Have you talked to the training center you're going to? They'll have to ensure the check airman is authorized to issue an ATP. And they should be able to help with the background check and verification. I don't know if anyone does a traditional ground school for the written test anymore, most folks complete an online program. But you will need to complete the ATP Certificate Training Program before you go for the written. It does almost nothing to prepare you for the written test but is a requirement. If you are going to CAE at DFW they are authorized to conduct the CTP. ATP Flight School has a branch near DFW too and they also conduct CTP classes. Their class fee includes an online written test training program.
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Old 9th Mar 2017, 04:21   #305 (permalink)
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Hi Marker, Thanks for the info. I am doing my recurrent at CAE so I can do an additional check ride for the FAA ATP. But before that I believe I have to do two week of ground school. So I am looking for a training centre where I can do this ground school. Also, I will need to process my Lic verification, TSA and FAA medical.
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Old 9th Mar 2017, 06:01   #306 (permalink)
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I don't know what two week GS you are thinking of. If you are getting an ATP with a type rating at CAE you will have to complete one of CAE's FAA approved training programs for that aircraft. I've worked for one of CAE's competitors, they had "short" courses for pilots upgrading or current on the aircraft. Maybe 24 classroom hours and 2 or 3 sim sessions and the checkride. I have no idea how CAE does it. Before you start that program you will have to complete an ATP CTP that CAE can provide. It's 30 classroom hours and 10 hours in a sim. I would hope if you are getting a type CAE would put you in the same type aircraft for the 10 hours CTP sim time but there is no connection between the CTP and your type rating training so they may not.

Your CAA has to verify your license and medical to the FAA and you have to say which FAA office you want the verification to go through. You should talk to CAE about it and do what they say, there are 3 FAA offices in the DFW area. And CAE will need the TSA background check so you should talk to CAE about it. You don't need a medical to fly a sim. But you are getting an initial issue. But you've validated your foreign medical. I don't know what CAE will want. You will have to meet their criteria for their training program since they are issuing the certificate. They may say you are good, they may say you need a third class medical.

The 142 school I worked for had a person who's full time job was processing TSA and FAA paperwork. I would think CAE would have a person doing the same job. You should talk to them.
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Old 13th Mar 2017, 18:27   #307 (permalink)
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Hi Marker, Many thanks for the detailed reply. I will have my ATPL verification done and also do my FAA medical beforehand.
I will ask CAE if they can do the ATP certificate training prog followed by online Exam.
Thereafter, I am doing my SIM training for type rating. I can do an exta check ride for the ATP and IR for the issue of FAA ATP.
I will write to CAE and ask them for the details. Thanks.
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Old 13th Jun 2017, 03:42   #308 (permalink)

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Hi Hijack,

Not sure you have the answer yet.

I'm about going through your process too,

You do the license confirmation form on the FAA website by filled in one of those license you have, HK or JP, you may need to show at the office for the FAA examiner to check before going to the flight school, choose one of FSDO (check on FAA web).

Within 45 days FAA will contact the local CAA that you're currently hold your license.

Once the confirmation granted it valid for 6 months,

ATP/CTP 7 days (5000USD)
One ATM Test 125 questions 4 hours, 75% is a pass

A320 Conversion Course 9 days (abt 8000USD)
The ATM Test credit hold up to 5 years, anytime after the ATM test you can travel to US to do A320 Conversion Course, don't need to do both at the same time as you may not have enough vacation leave.

Good luck.

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Old 22nd Nov 2017, 22:31   #309 (permalink)

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MarkerInbound, I've seen your posts here in JAA?CAA/CASA/ICAO section helping others.. Thanks for helping and your effort.

I have some questions about conversion procedure from S.Korea to FAA ATP.
Would you mind if I contact on an email or phone?
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Old 24th Nov 2017, 05:26   #310 (permalink)
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South Korea would be the same as any other country except Canada. Have the South Korean CAA verify your license, complete an ATP CTP course if you want a ME ATP, pass the written test and pass a checkride. If you take the checkride in an airplane you would need at least a FAA third class medical. No medical is required to take a checkride in a sim but to take the checkride in a sim you would have to complete a training program at a part 142 training center even if you have that type rating on your Korean license.
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