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Question Holding Speeds

I was looking in the Aerad Supplement for the US Holding Speeds this evening and they have been removed. Does this mean that the US has changed to the standard ICAO speeds, or have Aerad simply missed them out?

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Old 20th Jan 2004, 17:08   #2 (permalink)
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Not as far as far as I know. We 121ers still use the same published holding speed per AIM (Airman Information Manual). Nothing from the company as far as the speeds are concerned.
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In 19 years as a controller I have never assigned speeds to aircraft that are holding, my philosphy is let the pilot decide how fast he wants to burn holes in the sky.

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19 Years? You young pups think you've got the world by the short hairs... ya punks. Why, when I was your age we walked to and from work, up hill both ways, through snow that would stop a Yeti. And we didn't have them electrons helping us out either... No sir. When we separated airplanes we did it standing in a wheelbarrow with flags and they STAYED separated... Speed control? Never heard of such nonsense...(grumble...mumble...chew...)


(snort..grumble)...Blackballing bastards…Why I wouldn’t become a Free Mason now if you went down on your lousy stinking knees and begged…
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I'm sure the original question was to do with the MAXIMUM holding speeds that are in the regulations. You know the ones that are dependent on prop or jet and in some jurisdictions altitude as well. But you guys knew that.
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Talking about Aerad,
I would like to order some stuff from them, anybody with their coordinates, web site or else?
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Per table 5-3-1 of the AIM the speeds are still there and unchanged.
MHA-6000 200KIAS
6001-14K 230
14001+ 265

Some charted patterns may be restricted to 175. Those will be marked with some sort of icon.

Military fields with holding fixes are different
USN - 230
And I thought air force wings were made of lead;-)

At my airline we usually hold at VmanF0 unless icing or other conditions preclude it.
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