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SwedePilot 18th Aug 2011 16:13

Danish Air Transport . pay to fly?
Is there anyone here on the forum who works or has worked for Danish Air Transport, or know someone who does?
Can anyone confirm or deny that the officers pay to fly their pax and their cargo?

Thank you!

ONSHORTFINAL 19th Aug 2011 16:54

Minimum requirements
I am wondering if they would hire JAA pilots with over 1500 jet time but not rated on MD.
Recently I have sent my application, but quite everybody ask for TR, (Airbus, Boeing, ATR..) so probably they give priority to TR pilots.
No idea, but not really optimistic, sometimes looks like experience on the "wrong" TR its not experience anymore.

Keep sending CV s everywhere around the world, hoping to get any job, I miss flying:(

SwedePilot 19th Aug 2011 17:22

Its just rumors and googeling around the web. Made me curious... Nice to hear the opposite! So what does a typical F/O schedule look like? And do I have the guts to ask what the pay is?

Thank you!

Foniac 24th Aug 2011 11:14

Originally Posted by foursstripes (Post 6648293)
I work for DAT. Since I started more than 10 years ago there has not been anyone flying without being paid according to standard terms and contract.
BTW - I also know that we will soon receive new low time first officers on full bonding.

Where did you get the idea that we have first officers paying to fly?

Hello Foursstripes. I was wondering if you could answer me a couple of questions about DAT.

Firstly, you say that you will soon receive new low time first officers, what amount of low time are you talking about?
Secondly, what aircraft would a new F/O typically start on.
And lastly, what is DAT like as a company to work for :)


Blue system 30th Aug 2011 22:25

Fourstripes....you are incorrect!
I know for fact that there has been pay to fly schemes at DAT
during the last 10 years.....
Just ask Jesper (aka Mr Fivestripes).......

Heidihiho 8th Sep 2011 22:19

SV: lön på DAT
Danish Air Transport, DAT, har i dagsläget 9 flygplan i drift.
Planen som kommer att trafikera Sverige och flyga Skyways resenärer är av typen ATR-72 och har 68 flygstolar.
Det danska flygbolaget har för övrigt två stycken MD-plan (MD-87 och MD-83) samt ytterligare sju ATR-plan i sin flotta.
Antalet anställda piloter är 70, plus fem med frilanskontrakt.
DAT har 17 svenska piloter, men de flesta anställda är danskar (54 stycken). Sedan finns det piloter i Norge (2 stycken), i Tyskland (1) och i Frankrike (1).
Flygkaptenerna som flyger ATR-planen tjänar 52.012 danska kronor i månaden och kaptenerna som flyger MD-planen tjänar 63.338 danska kronor i månaden.
Styrmännen tjänar 24.879 danska kronor i månaden, oavsett flygplanstyp.
I löneuppgifterna är pension, semesterersättning samt traktamenten och liknande inte inräknade.
Källa: Danish Air Transport
Enligt gällande kollektivavtal får en styrman inom regionalflyget mellan 22.091- 40.307 kronor i grundlön.
En flygkapten tjänar mellan 29.618 - 49.887kronor i månaden. I löneuppgifterna är inte traktamenten och andra tillägg inräknade.
Källa: Svensk Pilotförening

LYMANGOOD 17th Sep 2011 16:01

I started at DAT more than nine years ago, and at that time the short lived first officer training programs were all terminated and the pilots covered were on permanent contracts. So the FOT programs happened a decade or more ago.

The pay scale at DAT you can find on PPJN http://www.pilotjobsnetwork.com/jobs/Danish_Air_Transport , and it’s very accurate, just missing a few new improvements http://www.dat.dk/ATR_Pilot-34383.htm

DAT has hired non type rated on both ATR and the MD the last 2 years

CHECHE 18th Sep 2011 15:03

Hi Lymangood, what about SF34, is there any chance for a TR pilot with enough time on type? :\

LYMANGOOD 18th Sep 2011 16:09

Hi CHECHE, sadly both of the Saabs are up for sale so no vacant positions :-(

CHECHE 18th Sep 2011 17:42

Thanks for the info!!

:ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh::ugh: :ugh::ugh::ugh:

kinapilot 10th Nov 2011 13:20

Hey Guys,

Is there anyone who would have some information on what to expect in an interview with DAT? It would be nice with some feedback to "home in" on what to prepare for.

TyRod 28th Dec 2011 06:58

pretty interested in DAT.
Currently flying for an airline in new caledonia, but I d like to come back in Europe.
1400 TT ( 1000 on ATR).

Some questions about the payscale in order to be sure: "basic" wage is based on 30hrs per month.
If flying more than 30hrs, the rate for a FO is between 100 and 125 DKK?
What is the average flying time for a FO?
what about the upgrade? When can we expect to be upgraded on MD for example?

Thanks in advance


Skycatch3r 19th Jan 2012 14:19

May I ask which airline in New Caledonia?

Explore 23rd Jan 2012 14:18

Any news about DAT and the Dash-operations?

Trolle 24th Jan 2012 16:29

Anyone know if DAT also uses seasonal flight crew?

Nick Figaretto 24th Jan 2012 18:42

Kleppa bryter anti-dumpingregler

TyRod 26th Jan 2012 10:56

Air Caledonie

semmern 16th Feb 2012 13:15

Dette vil gjerne jeg også ha svar på!

ErlingM 16th Feb 2012 14:17

Meg bekjent ansetter ikke DAT nordmenn i det hele tatt. Vi er sikkert for kravstore i forhold til andre når det kommer til T&C.

Nordic Spirit 16th Feb 2012 17:21

Jeg har pratet med flere norske styrmenn i DAT, men det er sikkert ikke så mange av dem.

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