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An2 5th Dec 2007 22:13

Viking Bar revival thread!
It had to be done.
Ex-Cockpitforumers have begun loitering assorted threads in this fora. Again.:E
Maybe we should try and keep the gibberish here, instead of de-railing all the the other threads!:}
I really miss all the useful and useless threads over there. Especially the one spreading out over thirty-something pages, dealing with anything and everything.
Then there was the "Ringstinger thread" where The Knoldster taught us, the commons, of the "art of massive Tabasco consumption". And of course the after-math of those "fiestas".:p Not very mature,....but it certainly made for enjoyable reading.
...and if for no other reason,...to round up the ol' gang and start throwing our weight around in this 'ere normally zleepy section, called the Nordic forum.
...and if for no other reason #2,...to waken up that sleeping dragon again!:E
Flapsforty, I believe her name was/is!?
......and after having checked her profile, I realize a nick-change might be on the horizon, since she's having her 50th birthday today!!!! December 6th!!
Hip-Hip----Horray for Flapsfifty!!! :D
Sorry Flaps!;) Celebrate in style,...'cause you're probably worth it!!
Aaalrighty then!
Any takers?

TowerDog 6th Dec 2007 03:34

[QUOTE][I realize a nick-change might be on the horizon, since she's having her 50th birthday today!!!! December 6th!!

Aye, little spring chick she is:

I am having my 51st b-day December 7th.
She is just a youngster by a day and a year and she looks it as well.
Man, If I was 30 years younger, I'd take her out for dinner and the rest.:E

So, uh the Viking Bar is back in business now?

We can hang out and not worry about offending every arse-hole in town that stopped by at the wrong place and the wrong time?

Sounds good boys, lets crank this thing up and if F-40 wanna party she ought to join the club, bikini or not....:cool:

Guttn 6th Dec 2007 07:56

So maybe the nordiv forum should have its own Viking Bar? Who seconds this? :D:ok:

I`ll see who I can round up for the rodeo! ....probably about 2 folks hehehe:ugh::{

Let`s see if we can awaken the purple dragon... follow me on this one guys:}

Speed checked... FLAPS 5!


An2 6th Dec 2007 13:49

Mr Letterman,
Yes, I will take on just about anything.:E
Your idea is a brilliant one!:ok: Lets råkk!:8
Then, you're not as old as I thought!!:E Sorry sailor......
I don't have any extra personalities just yet.....might have to work on that one....before it's too late.:}
But,...whatever happened to them other people.... Emma and her hubby, for examle?

Hårek den Hardbalne 6th Dec 2007 14:32

Emma - the hotlip from the north

Emma (as far as I can remember after a few long drinks in the Bar) set sail years ago and disappeared into the Aurora Borealis and never looked back. Sad actually, `cause she had a tongue cut out of the worst winter storms in the northern parts of Norway. If you ever visited the place of Emma`s origin you would know what I am talking about. But a true lady she is. Not that I think F50 would appreciate her language. But as long as the frequent bar visitors do, we`re all happy. Right? Right!

TowerDog 7th Dec 2007 11:45

Truth is

Emma - the hotlip from the north
Aye, Emma is still around, but under a different name on a different board.

To send her a message, try this link:

Then, you're not as old as I thought!!
And how old did ya think I was...?
Gramps doing the internet thing?

No kiddo, I am a man in the middle of his best age, and been there for years.;)

Also into mid-life crises and considering the idea of falling in love with a rich and beatiful South American princess in her early 20s.
Then considering winning the grand prize in Lotto, fancy cars, big yachts, lots of bitches.

So the TowerDog ain't getting old and lazy on his old days, no Sir, still up and kicking ass.

Just need to find F-40 so I can take her out and let her sample my soul and my flesh next time she lays over in Florida. She will then change her name to Lucky Lady....:ooh:

Hårek den Hardbalne 7th Dec 2007 17:17

Emma surfing the waves? No way!
Yeah right, Emma on a sailboat. It`s ok that she is born with salt sea spashing up her dining room windows, but sailing....???? Now way. I think you just want your old forum pals to register on another forum. Fair enough, I might do it when I have nothing else to do ;)

TowerDog 7th Dec 2007 18:50

Yeah right, Emma on a sailboat.
Well, I don't think Emma is on a sailboat, but she is the airplane nut on that forum, Amphibian or something..Boat and plane combined.

She has been unusally quiet lately however.
The link was more for guys to leave her a message and inviting her over here, to the dungeons on the Vikingbar, not to get on that saiboat forum, which can be pretty boring with endless discussions on "which anchor is best", unless ya are indeed into sailboats and the cruising life style.

So, uh, no don't sign with the them guys, stay right here and blow some life into this thread instead.

Speaking of, where is F-40 (50) when ya need her?
Did she retire from these shores?
Or so full of menopause and hot-flashes that she is too busy beating her husband and her surroundings to come over here and say hello to the studs?

An2 7th Dec 2007 22:07

Happy Birthday ol' chum!!:ok:
I shall heaveth a glass of Bowmore to your health! *imagine bear-heaving emoticon*
(I miss the emoticons from Cockpitforum!!! :()

....and I'm lagging you by 10+ years, by the way....:}

Now, I'm gonna follow that link of yours to see if something can be done about that fearsome lady!:p She was a riot!:E

TowerDog 8th Dec 2007 01:56

....and I'm lagging you by 10+ years, by the way....

Don't hold yer breath young fellah: The next ten years goes faster than a virgin's orgasm.

Now, I'm gonna follow that link of yours to see if something can be done about that fearsome lady
Yeah, get that little sweetie over here. She will have fun hanging out with the 'ol boys from kukpit forum...Promise.

Bengt Engel 9th Dec 2007 10:58

Aye me skippers!

very nice with a grand reopening of the Viking Bar! :}

me and the ol' Cod is most likely gonna meet up in FLL during the holidays and sample the local beer....maybe some pure platinum...

Happy Birthday btw, to the both of you, youngsters you are!

set sail....

Guttn 9th Dec 2007 11:10

Letterman, right on the money:}. Changing companies from having to save up for about 6 months to be able to buy a bag of peanuts on discount:ugh: (sad thing is that I`m not even kidding:{) to one where you are welcomed to the family:ok::}. So, no, I`m not that slim anymore:} and not as shady as I used to be:cool:.

So, shall we ask for a Viking Bar or what!?!??:D

Hårek den Hardbalne 14th Dec 2007 17:30

It is not much going on around here. Actually not on the Nordic forums at all:{ The only folks keeping it going are those keen dudes who want to get into Air Baltic. That in itself should be a wake up call to us all. Viking Bar revival :rolleyes: Well......;)

An2 14th Dec 2007 19:42

Aaaah, so there you are Hårek!!
I had to sit on my hands for a while there, to not be the only one keeping this thread afloat!:8

Whaaat's happening......?

Not much goin' on here. Think I'll need a slice of whiskey to sort things out!:E

TowerDog 14th Dec 2007 23:45

Think I'll need a slice of whiskey to sort things out
Aye, a hydraulic sandwich...?

Bon Apetite. :E

Guttn 16th Dec 2007 09:15

Better than the infamous snøscooter-sandwich:\:ugh::yuk::(

An2 16th Dec 2007 22:13

Thanks very much!
...and Yes, it did taste just fine. Actually,..all of them!:}


Not quite with you there!
Care to elaborate a little?
"Snöscooter-sandwich" - sounds like a recepie for disaster, if you ask me!:E
Am I missing out on something here?!:8

Guttn 17th Dec 2007 16:38

A Noggie phenomenon perhaps:\. It has something to do with bread (any kind will do, maybe even toast), moonshine from your basement and/or local barn, and a snowmobile. Now every Noggie knows that moonshine is frowned upon. But not as much as snowmobile driving:ugh:. And for some folks 2 wrongs sometimes make a right:eek::}. But since it`s perfectly legal to drive snowmobiles in Sweden, you may not have this kind of extremesport there:}:}:D

Guttn 18th Dec 2007 07:21

With our world famous chef Ante Valente :}:yuk::ok:

Or perhaps An2 Valente :}

Sorry dude, I just couldn`t resist that lay-up:ok:;):}

An2 18th Dec 2007 11:58

Mr Letterman,
Thanks for the link!
One word comes to mind; Priceless!!!!
Thanks for that broadside!! :ouch: :}
Actually,...now that I know what it is,..."snöskoter-macka" is a pretty common diet anywhere north of Arvidsjaur, here in "Blond Country". ;)
Year-round I believe!:E
P.S It would've been "tjänstefel" of you to miss the lay-up, so I don't blame you. Rest assured though,........what goes around, comes around!! D.S:E

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