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the Cadets are expected to start flying in the summer of 2019, the pilot shortage is getting worse and they are doing this to ensure they will have enough pilots in the future, right now they need experienced people.

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An update on Iceland Air Personality Testing. The test is the MMPI, or Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. This test was developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota, in the US in the early 1940's.

It has been continually updated and refined and a new "normative sample" was done to update the response set to more modern times. The test grades the applicant on how he deviates or aligns with the control group.

Here are some links to pertinent information on the test.

Basically you are being graded on how you answered questions that are shown to have a statistically significant difference between a Normative Control Group, (the good folks) ie. happy well adjusted group or the Clinical Group, those in a psychological clinical setting with some type of distinctive psychological disorder. What you want to do is answer the questions as the normative sample does not as the clinical sample does.


The candidates (Icelandic Air) have to undergo several psychological tests like MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory). (MMPI is a method for measurement of traits of personality, such as those having to do with interests, attitudes, emotional adjustment and social relations, all-important aspects of a pilot’s personality and abilities). In addition the pilot candidates are checked for psycho-technical abilities, communication skills, leadership potential, stress tolerance and inductive intelligence. Further the candidates have to demonstrate basic flying and CRM (in this connection Cockpit Resource Management) skills in a flight-training device where two applicants are tested at the same time.

REPORT ON THE serious incident to icelandair BOEING 757
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