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Flying jobs in Reykjavik?

Hi guys,

Im new to these Nordic forums but I have a question or two. Im currently a 300 something hour pilot in Australia working as a flight instructor and am looking very strongly at the possibility of moving to Iceland in the near future as my girlfriend is from Reykjavik. I just got back from a quick holiday in Iceland and absolutely loved it.

As I understand it, theres the Reykjavik domestic airport in the city. I cannot seem to find a website for the airport and am wondering what kind of companies operate out of the airport and what kind of experience they are looking for in a pilot? Also, in general in Iceland, what is the job outlook like in the country?

I understand the country is still under hardships due to the financial crunch and my presumption is that Iceland Air or Iceland Express probably arent looking to hire in the next 1 to 2 years?

Could anybody here help me out with where I could get information on the current job market in Iceland for pilots and what it might be like next year and where I could get more information?

Also, is knowing the language a must? My english is perfect and I am yet to meet an Icelander who doesnt speak it well, but my Icelandic is coming along slowly.

Thanks in advance,

PMs are welcome too
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With fear of bursting a bubble, I am afraid the chances for non-icelandic is not grat in Icelandic aviation. Iceland express flew with Astraeus cockpit, and astraeus sadly went belly up before x-mas. Iceland Air just had tests for summer contracts. The minimums were fluency in icelandic and 500 TT.

In a small country like Iceland, connections is the way to get in ( much like the rest of the world ). Maybe espescially in the smaller regional operators.

So unless your girlfriend is aviation royalty, I wouldnt get my hopes up.
However, I do hope you make it. Iceland is a beautiful place, and all the girls are supermodels. Almost.

Best of luck.
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If I spoke the language fluently do you think I could still get a job in aviation even though I am a foreigner?

Whats their definition of fluent? It is a difficult language and Ive been told even a foreigner who speaks it well can be spotted instantly due to accents or the way they pronounce sounds.
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? It is a difficult language
Nah, it is so easy that even the little kids in Iceland speak it fluently.

I am sure the Icelanders don't mind an accent, and would be rather pleased that you took the effort to learn their language.
Too many folks take the lazy route and says: Nah, the natives speak fluent English, why should I bother to learn their language..

I have been in the same boat and still remember a few phrases in Icelandic:
Vitlaus, snyrtling, karlar, konur.
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haha. I am learning it slowly but it would take forever unless I went back. Argh... I'll try look into possible contacts. You are right - the country is small. You can almost pick someone off the street your age (if you're a Gen X'er like myself) and chances are you will have mutual friends on faceb00k.

My girlfriends dad was a flying instructor back in the 1980s in Reykjavik but quit it after he needed a better paying job to support the family...

Gotta ask him if he has any friends still in the industry but I got a feeling he wont

Excuse me while I go cry. The country really impressed me
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Like Towerdog says, I dont think they mind an accent. I rather think they will be impressed if you make a decent effort, seeing that a minority of icelandic natives speak 100% gramatically correct icelandic. That gives you an idea of how complicated the language is.

That being said, i heard there were around 500 applicants for the Iceland Air summer contracts and 10-15 who will be offered a summer job. Wheater or not they all speak fluent icelandic, I dont know. But it's a good measure of the competition you are up against.

Gangu thier vel...(good luck)
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Hi, the lenguages are not the problem, what I see your first problem will be to convert the licence to EASA, you will have to register on an FTO for a 6 month modular course, then after 6 month registered, not before, you can start giving exams, 14 subjects for frozen ATPL, after that you can do your CPL-ME-IR practical exams, every company in Europe ask for frozen ATPL, plus MCC, so with tons of good luck and money you can have an EASA license in 1 year after you register for the modular course. Bring all the certificates of your hours and a certificate of validity of your licence, with The Hague stamp on.
You can do the course and theory exams in any EASA contracting state, and the practical has to be done in the same state also. After that you can look for a job in Europe, also don't forget your lenguage proficiency check. I give you link with the regulations.
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Besides converting your licences to EASA /JAA - with ATPL exams and CPL/IR, you would also need to marry your girlfriend, and go trough the whole immigration procedure.

This takes time, and costs money, so the sooner you decide that this the way you want to go, that would be your first step!

But why would you want to move to Iceland from Australia? Have you been there in the winter? I have lived in Norway, some days -30C!

Would your long term career aspect not be better in Australia and Asia?

Europe is over-saturated with pilots at the moment, going themselves to Middle East and Asia to work! Anyway if you want to have the right to work in Europe, you will have to get married before, if not it will be very hard.
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