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Breitling Aerospace woes


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Omega "Dynamic" manual wind. 15 from an Indian run watch shop in Main Street, Gibraltar July 1970. Still keeping time to plus a minute or so a month. Been back to the Watch Doctors in Hertfordshire about ten years ago to replace a broken glass and they serviced and cleaned it for about - I seem to remember - 120. All a Breitling does is remind you and others that you paid a lot of money for a posh name.
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Avoid imitations
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Originally Posted by Parson View Post
ShyTorque - why did you buy it then?!
I didn't buy it. It was given to me. I wore it for a couple of weeks but the claws on the crown kept pulling threads on my clothing sleeves.
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Old 26th Aug 2018, 08:07
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My 10yo B1 has had its minute hand skipping and not advancing, and I just got quoted at $1200AUD for a service and a new electronic module. Also told of moisture inside the watch - has only ever been to Brietling... Didn't get it done, so it's back to the top drawer.

Meanwhile my 25yo $50 lorus I bought at uni with a chip out of the side of the glass when it fell 50m off my wrist to the rocks below whilst rock climbing has a new battery and is as waterproof and reliable as ever. Shower, swim, ocean never leaves my wrist.

claws on the crown kept pulling threads on my clothing sleeves.
Assuming its the same one, a colleague had Brietling remove them for same reason. He got quoted for their reinstallation at last service!
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Old 31st Aug 2018, 09:09
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ShyTorque - what model do you have?
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My Aerospace has ruined many a polo shirt with this silly tabs
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My 1986 Aerospace gets a new battery every now and again, cost 15. Hasn't been serviced for years, works fine.
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Old 23rd Nov 2018, 18:38
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How about something hardcore?

I have had a few:-


"It is a "modest masterpiece" says design critic Stephen Bayley."[1]

Just get a new one when the strap breaks, as they do. I think it's an age thing since they seem to break (5 yrs) even if not worn much. Got mobile phone.

But perhaps not if you visit US!!!

"... Guantanamo ... possession of the F-91W – available online for as little as 4 – suggests the wearer has been trained in bomb making by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan."[1]

OH! OH!. I think I have one somewhere.

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My older brother flew PPL with a Breitling. A Breitling was the first thing I bought when I started my apprenticeship though when I started flying I preferred a cheap Lorus as I could set local and UTC on it. Both our Breitlings are now worn out, can't justify the cost to repair.
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afaa - what Breitling models do you have that are 'worn out'?
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