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Kestrel 25th Sep 2014 08:27

Geneva Airport to Evian Les Bain

Any assistance appreciated

IBMJunkman 26th Sep 2014 03:07


SpringHeeledJack 26th Sep 2014 21:15

If you will have a car, then the previous post is your friend, it's very simple to get there. However, if you are on a budget and/or wish to take the train you can do this by going from the airport to Annemasse just over the border and changing to Evian les Bains, about 3 hours. If you have more time to kill and like to have a smooch around, go from the airport to the central station, then take a tram (no,21 I think) to a hidden little station belonging to SNCF at Eaux-Vives where a few times a day french trains transport those living in France to and from Geneva and work. Alternatively, you can take the famous bus-boats which will get you to Evian in a crisscrossing of Lac Leman, which if the weather is good leads to fantastic views of both the Mont Blanc massif and the Jura mountain range on the opposite side and will take 4hrs approx. The last option is a part of a visit to my mind.

You could of course just not be a cheapskate and hire a helicopter from the airport and be there in 10minutes ;)


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