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FEBA 8th Jun 2003 03:28

Cranwell ..... Best Boozers
Not ever having been stationed at Cranwell, but now leaving nearby. What are the best pubs in the area??

Chris Kebab 8th Jun 2003 04:13

A cab to Lincoln..

fobotcso 8th Jun 2003 04:15

... and another one back.

Mystic Greg 8th Jun 2003 06:07

The Marquess of Granby in Wellingore
The King's Head in Navenby
The Brownlow Arms in Hough-on-the-Hill

BEagle 8th Jun 2003 06:49

Whatever happened to the Stable Bar at that pub which shall remain nameless.......

Seem to remember the Houblon near Barkston wasn't bad. Neither was that nice little pub in Rauceby.

Or the Red Lion at Caythorpe, the Bell in Coleby and many others - but nothing in Cranwell village.

phd 8th Jun 2003 07:00

The Willerby Arms at Leadenham - good beer and wholesome food.

The Brownlow Arms is no longer a pub - more is the pity. The managament changed a couple of years ago and it is now a furniture/antiques emporium.

L J R 8th Jun 2003 17:05

An hour and a quarter on the train and you can get to All Bar One and Tiger Tiger!
Getting back may be a problem, but don't let logistics interfere with Ops.


FEBA 8th Jun 2003 18:05

The Red Lion at caythorpe. Not sure; they are not very keen on kids which is a handicap for a swift lunchtime pint when I have 3 year old Fifi in tow.
Best thing about caythorpe though is the church that has Thunderbird 3 perched ontop. I told the kids that it was part of a top secret British star wars project, camouflaging the missile as a chuch steeple a perfect bit of british ingenuity
T3 website

BEagle 8th Jun 2003 18:36

Some would perhaps consider a reluctance to permit rugrats in the pub to be a plus point rather than a drawback!

Of course, it all depends on the parents.

Dunhovrin 8th Jun 2003 19:15

Well done FEBA on the most useful thread on this forum in ages. ..

Got to go with the Houblon vote really.

EESDL 8th Jun 2003 20:19

Ears pricked
Starting 5 -month course at Crandlitz in Jul...keep the suggestions coming.
Past experience has been the joint cab into Lincoln, followed by the stream of single cabs coming back in the small hours, seperated by 15 mins!!!!
Some occupants covered in makeup, some in chilli sauce!

detgnome 8th Jun 2003 21:24

Has Sleaford improved ? I remember all those nights in Millers desperately trying to cop off with the then DDIOTs daughters. Still, it was the best that Sleaford had to offer (Millers that is, not the daughters...)

BEagle 8th Jun 2003 21:43

Yes - it now has a by-pass!

$odding awful place second only to Grantham in hideousness....

PlasticCabDriver 8th Jun 2003 22:57

detgnome, ah DDIOTs daughters! such memories! Lucy and Anna wasnt it? And the pair of 15 yr old twins that ended up in York House on more than one occasion....;)

deltahotel 8th Jun 2003 23:35

No, Sleaford hasn't improved.

Agree with all the above pubs. Bell at Coleby, Red Lion at Newton, Tally Ho on the A15 south of Sleaford, pub in Allington whose name I forget!

Aynayda Pizaqvick 9th Jun 2003 01:21

Come on Guys... What about Flicks?!

BEagle 9th Jun 2003 01:46

Does that flea-pit 'The Sleaford Picturedrome' still exist? Used to be near the railway station.

FEBA 9th Jun 2003 02:44

Sleaford and Grantham should really be in Belgium (Sussex ah Sussex). As for rug rats; well coming from a military background the kids are marched in an orderly fashion sat down quietly in the corner of a bar. The only murmer from them is when they wish to discuss the lack of WMD or whether we should join the Euro ...... usual kids stuff, which I encourage of course.

Boy_From_Brazil 9th Jun 2003 06:02


Are you sure about the Brownlow Arms being a furniture emporium? A couple of years ago it was one of the best restaurants in the Cranditz area, and run by a couple of super people.


deltahotel 9th Jun 2003 18:38

BEagle's Sleaford picture emporium is now that well known nightclub Flicks.

Brownlow Arms going down the tubes - sold a couple of years ago to be a restaurant (miserable) and is indeed now a furniture shop. Paul & Lorraine now run the Willoughby Arms in Leadenham - worth a visit

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