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Thud_and_Blunder 11th Jun 2022 20:19

Thanks, airsound, for the sensible assessment of the reasons for the suboptimal BBC commentary.

`It`s something like a 4-engined `Gooney-bird`.
My Dad had the good fortune to go from Hastings at Lyneham to an exchange tour with the RCAF on their own version of the "4-engine Gooney Bird", the North Star (a Canadair-built DC4 with Merlin engines) - unfortunately, the longer engines put the props exactly in line with the pilots' seats, which led to the start of the tinnitus which plagued him thereafter.

steamchicken 11th Jun 2022 20:46

There's a Hastings at the Allied Museum in Berlin. Handsome beast, and although they were only ready for the last couple of months of the airlift they contributed a startlingly large percentage of the UK contribution through some function of (capacity, speed, all-weather capability, serviceability)

Wig Wag 13th Jun 2022 09:12

Closest we could get was Hyde Park but it was still very impressive:


MPN11 13th Jun 2022 09:13

Very nice photo ... the sun on the wings and the clouds really make it "Tick VG"

Wig Wag 13th Jun 2022 09:14

Thank you!

treadigraph 13th Jun 2022 09:37

Originally Posted by MPN11 (Post 11245329)
Very nice photo ... the sun on the wings and the clouds really make it "Tick VG"

Agreed - perfect!

H Peacock 13th Jun 2022 10:17

Ahh, a Top-side pass!

Shame there’s not a better way to keep the inside of the Lanc cool, she always looks somewhat better with the 2 upper hatches fitted?

Mactlsm1 13th Jun 2022 16:42

Sorry to intrude- we didn't get aything better on the Shack - Just a bit more detail on the hatches. Mac

treadigraph 13th Jun 2022 17:21

H Peacock and Mactism1 - one lives and learns, watched the Lancaster display countless times over 45+ years and I never knew they did that with the hatches!

DaveReidUK 13th Jun 2022 18:07

That's what Photoshop was invented for. :O

ETOPS 13th Jun 2022 20:33

I've just seen a couple of videos showing an unusual object flying over the the Red Arrows as they approached the Mall during the fly past. Firstly - this was described as a "UAP" not a "UFO" and secondly - the videos were recorded simultaneously by seperate camerman. One was on the ground near Buckingham Palace and the other was the SKY TV helicopter over the Thames but shooting the same scene. I'm thinking this might be the first time such an event was independently photographed?

Fancy a Tic Tac ?

Davef68 13th Jun 2022 23:28

Originally Posted by Bob Viking (Post 11242807)
Of course they were. But times change. As an example, instead of a whole squadron dropping a couple of bombs each to damage a target, you can now have one jet drop one bomb and destroy a target. And that jet can carry a few of those bombs.

I know where this conversation will end up though so Iíll leave it there.


You'll not get any argument on that from me! :-)

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