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langleybaston 2nd Jan 2022 11:31

Herman's Denkmal bullet holes.
Those who served at RAF Gutersloh will surely have seen, or at least heard of the Gigantic statue of Hermanicus near Detmold.

We were fed tales of bullet holes inserted by Allied aircraft 1939-1945.

Simple question: were/ are there any such holes?

Or were the tales inspired by Wobbly Warsteiner?

diginagain 2nd Jan 2022 11:39

Yes. Returning P-51 and P-47 pilots would take a pot-shot at any likely target. The wartime hangar at nearby Richthofen Kaserne had some impressive lumps taken out of the girders.

NutLoose 2nd Jan 2022 14:33

In Roermond just outside Bruggen the church steeple was also pocked as a sniper was in residence when the Allies past through.

Less Hair 2nd Jan 2022 14:39

This picture taken 1951 before the big restoration seems to show some damage making it sort of Hermine the Germine.
Bildarchiv Stadtarchiv Detmold: Nr. 1686 Hermannsdenkmal mit Einschußlöchern


langleybaston 2nd Jan 2022 17:02

Thanks to all. We are cutting down our vast family photo collection to manageable size, and being selective.
However, although I swear we visited Herman several times and took photos [on an old Practika} there are none to be found.
Not just a matter of bullet holes, but holes in the collection.

WE992 2nd Jan 2022 19:25

It was a great target to beat up in a glider when we used to go on expeds from Gutersloh to Porta Westfalica airfield just at the bottom of the ridge.

Slow Biker 2nd Jan 2022 19:55

We were just the other day talking about Herman the German. The in-laws came to Gutersloh for Christmas and we did a sightseeing trip there. My father in law said one of his fondest memories is sitting on a camping chair in the snow having a flask of soup. Some 35 years ago now.

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