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abadge 25th Nov 2021 21:09

RAF Scampton Chipmunks
Calling RAF Scampton Pilots and others in the late 60's. I was an Airframes Tradesman on Blue Steel until they decided it was obsolete, and I was one of the first out, and moved to Station Flight. Located up on 'F' Dispersal, we looked after visiting aircraft, and, the two Chipmunks we had for (supposed) continuation of pilot training. Anyway it was like a little flying club and pilots we flying everywhere for their 'training'. A such I had many hours in the back seat, and strapped the young cadets in on their summer camps. To my query. I have all the models of aircraft I have worked on in my 37 years in service. But as the 1/72 scale Chipmunk is so small, I am building a 1/ 48 scale Airfix kit, and would like to replicate the ones at Scampton, 68-70. Unfortunately I have no information on their serial numbers, and the years have blurred my memory of the colour schemes. So does anyone have any information, or indeed, any pictures of said aircraft to help me out?

I have one decent photo of a trip over Hemswell, where I was quartered at the time.

Any help appreciated.


longer ron 26th Nov 2021 08:07

Hi Alan
If the Chipmunks were at Scampton for Air Cadet Annual Camp AEF flying then they might well have been 'borrowed' from other Chipmunk operators for the duration of summer camps,if they were station 'Hacks' they might have been operated by the Station Flight or VASS/VASF.
'Paul J' posted some pics on the Britmodeller Forum....

it was a Monday back in 1969 - I was on my ATC annual camp at Scampton. For the start of the weeks activities I went flying in Chipmunk WK577/V and was first aircraft movement of the week.


abadge 26th Nov 2021 11:20

Scampton Chipmunks
Longer ron.

Many thanks for the lead to Paul J, which I will follow up as soon as. I most probably strapped him in for his flight! As I mentioned, I have one photo of the left wing over Hemswell, but cannot get it on the thread. and it matches the photos posted,

The aircraft were on Scamptons strength, I even changed the wings on one of them, and flew it it afterwards.

Again thank you for your reply


longer ron 26th Nov 2021 16:23

Hi Alan
You may need a certain post count to be able to attach pics.
I use Imgur.com which means I can copy/paste the BB code directly to the thread page (other photo hosting sites also work such as Flickr etc)
I am not sure if the photo hosting site method works with a low post count but might be worth a try.

I am also an old Chipmunk hand - my last tour was at Abingdon where we looked after 7 Chipmunks for 6AEF + 14 Bulldogs for the 2 UAS's.
I did loads of flying on both - much to my Flt Sgts displeasure :)

NutLoose 27th Nov 2021 02:10

Wk577 still active, see



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