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Jhieminga 9th Sep 2021 11:20

101 Squadron Op Granby (Gulf War I) statistics
This may be a long shot... but I'm hoping someone may be able to help me figure out the following puzzle. I recently acquired a commemorative cover linked to an Op Granby flypast that includes this insert:

The details about the individual airframes are interesting as this is the first time I have ever seen these statistics. When I started comparing them to photos of the mission tallies on airframes I ran into some inconsistencies:
  • ZA140 carried 43 mission markings, two more than listed above.
  • ZA141 is shown here:
    with 43 mission markings, one less than listed above.
  • ZA148 carried 46 mission markings, one more than listed above.
As most of the VC10Ks didn't carry any mission markings, I cannot check all of them but these three being inconsistent did lead me to wonder about the 'true' number of missions. I already asked around within the 101 Squadron association about this, but we haven't been able to come up with a conclusive theory. I realise that I cannot hope for a definitive solution to this conundrum but I figured I would post this here, hoping that others might be able to shed some light on it.

farefield 9th Sep 2021 13:45

Can't help with mission numbers but I do know you can add the F14 and S3 Viking to types refuelled.

Jhieminga 9th Sep 2021 14:57

Good point, thanks! I forgot to add this to my original post: any additional photos of VC10Ks, other than the ones mentioned above, with mission markings (not just the 'Empire Strikes Back' nose art) are also welcome.

Not_a_boffin 9th Sep 2021 15:35

Originally Posted by farefield (Post 11108775)
Can't help with mission numbers but I do know you can add the F14 and S3 Viking to types refuelled.

I'd be very surprised if they'd been refuelling E6A as well (don't think things went quite that awry!) Looks like a typo and meaning A6E.

farefield 9th Sep 2021 16:44

Good point NaB, I didn't even notice that error. EA6, certainly, as well as the KA6.

farefield 9th Sep 2021 16:51

F14 and EA6? over Saudi. PS Please don't bend the hose like that!

Jhieminga 10th Sep 2021 08:17

F-14, EA-6B and KA-6D will be added to the list, thanks! I guess the A-6E should also be included?

Tengah Type 10th Sep 2021 08:37

For sure A7E from the Carrier J F Kennedy ( in the Red Sea ) near Tabuk. Possibly Kuwait A4 and US Marines AV8 - though these might have only been refueled from the Victors in the Gulf area.
Did anybody refuel a Victor?

BEagle 10th Sep 2021 09:42

Also EA-3B Skywarrior. The tanker crew who refuelled it didn't know what it was, but it was cleared against a wing hose....

....at night.

Mr N Nimrod 10th Sep 2021 10:28

Surprised not to see the Nimrod listed - R1?

esscee 10th Sep 2021 11:35

Was not going to mention the "Red Goose" Nimrods but seeing as they have just been mentioned, might also help to finalize sortie numbers too ?

vascodegama 10th Sep 2021 14:31


Apparently not.

Just noticed Tristar-not as a receiver, the other way round probably.

Jhieminga 10th Sep 2021 14:50

Slightly updated list of Aircraft Types Refueled:
Tornado GR1
Tornado F3
VC10 K2/K3
Nimrod R1
US Marines:
Tornado F3/IDS
Mirage 2000
Mirage F1

Bunker Shot 10th Sep 2021 15:20

I can claim AV8B, EA6B, and a flight of A7s (4) while at Bahrain before the fun detectors moved us to Riyadh, as well as most of the others listed. I'm also pretty sure we had all 5 K2s at Bahrain initially before we started rotating one aircraft and crew at a time back to Brize for servicing/R&R.

Lastly, if you're using "theatre" rather than "theater" there should be two "l"s in "refueling".

Jhieminga 10th Sep 2021 17:07

Duly noted, but I didn't create that bit of paper.... ;)
I will add the AV-8B to the list in my previous post though!

vascodegama 10th Sep 2021 17:08

The Tristar did not receive from the VC10 in GW1 (or 2 for that matter). Any spit swapping went the other way.

Asked an ex R1 mate earlier-they did not receive apparently.

Bunker-ditto the spelling!

Other possibilities

RSAF -Tornado IDS

Kuwait A4s and or Mirage F1

Bunker Shot 10th Sep 2021 17:20

I have a trip logged on Mar 1, 1991 (cease-fire +1) in ZA147 as receiver training with a Tri* day into night 2:00D/1:30N, which I recall was receiver training for the Tri*, but I don't recall where he operated from.

doubletap 10th Sep 2021 17:45


Jhieminga 10th Sep 2021 18:43

Nice photos of those SLUFs, thanks! List in post #13 has been edited again.

BEagle 10th Sep 2021 21:37

Well, you can certainly add the Nimrod R1! I refuelled one once, then took a photo of him as he banked away after having been cleared to leave. It was later published; not sure in which magazine it appeared, but it was definitely an R1!

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