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Steve Bond 3rd Apr 2021 09:09

Merlin and Wildcat air and ground crew
Any Merlin and Wildcat air and ground crew on here? Your stories are urgently needed for 'Fleet Air Arm Boys' Volume 3 please.

Steve Bond 7th Apr 2021 09:52

Clearly the answer is 'no'. Never mind, thanks for looking in anyway.

Video Mixdown 7th Apr 2021 11:16

Originally Posted by Steve Bond (Post 11023752)
Clearly the answer is 'no'. Never mind, thanks for looking in anyway.

I'm amazed you expected a response. Stories about aircraft that are now in museums are on thing. Any service personnel who gave you unofficial inside information about aircraft that are currently operational would be committing career suicide.

Steve Bond 7th Apr 2021 11:50

Well I have already had superb support from currently serving personnel from both the fixed and rotary wing communities, as there is a well-established method for clearing information for publication.

matelo99 7th Apr 2021 14:51

Steve, the trouble is it gets quite boring when you say “then the computer said no, again” repeatedly. Sadly the stories of today pale into insignificance when compared to stories of even the early 2000s.
With green Merlin you’d want the original RAF crews to spin you some dits because they have actually taken the aircraft operational, unlike us RN types who have done Ops but nothing really to write home about yet.

chinook240 7th Apr 2021 17:17

Steve, I’ve worked alongside green Merlins, from Wessex replacement to Afghanistan, and would like to wish you well in capturing its time in service. We need more people recording the fast changing history of all UK helicopter fleets before those who made it are gone.

Steve Bond 9th Apr 2021 08:02

Many thanks matelo99 and chinook240, I will send you a message.

Steve Bond 17th Apr 2021 14:37

Hope you got my messages, including one with the correct email address!

SimonK 17th Apr 2021 18:01

Hi Steve,

I was on 2 RAF course and flew it in Bosnia and Iraq 2002-6, happy to help if you don’t mind an ex-Crab viewpoint.

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