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langleybaston 30th Mar 2021 16:02

Aviation Number Plates.
Sorry if this has been visited before, but I saw


on the A1 today ..... ex Harrier perhaps?

Also SKY80Y at a Finningley Open Day, and the then head of the Mobile Met. Unit had MMU1.

ex82watcher 30th Mar 2021 16:06

In the car-park at LATCC,I often saw a car with a reg.of ATC plus a few numbers.

sharpend 30th Mar 2021 16:11

Mine is VC10AFC. Many of those ex No 10 Sqn have VC10 in their number. For example, ex Nav Boss has VC10NAV & there is VC10 PLT, VC10FLY & VC10 ENG. etc.

treadigraph 30th Mar 2021 16:19

I do hope nobody has CRA 5H...

MPN11 30th Mar 2021 16:28

M25 near Heathrow, 2016.

No, Constable ... I was in a National Express coach, LGW-LHR, at the time.

Sideshow Bob 30th Mar 2021 16:31

A certain ex Herc and E-3D Nav has C130NAV

Sloppy Link 30th Mar 2021 16:35

There are rules against using the letters in that manner. If pulled, the courts can take the number off you, it also is an instant attractor to Traffic.

charliegolf 30th Mar 2021 16:39

Originally Posted by Sloppy Link (Post 11019342)
There are rules against using the letters in that manner. If pulled, the courts can take the number off you, it also is an instant attractor to Traffic.

Not round these parts. People get away with whatever they want.


Vzlet 30th Mar 2021 17:09

Not the UK reg, but the one in the window, from North Carolina. "Vzlet" is Czech for "takeoff". (Occasionally adopted as a username!)


SATCOS WHIPPING BOY 30th Mar 2021 17:38

Brize circa 1990 I remember one of the cars on the patch near me had the reg A 10 NAV

NutLoose 30th Mar 2021 18:40


Willard Whyte 30th Mar 2021 19:01

E3SUX used to be available - I almost bought it four years ago. Any disgruntled E-3 aircrew not willing or able to make the trek up north could always go for E7SUX (£399).

Baldeep Inminj 30th Mar 2021 19:06

About 30 years ago I was waiting to cross a junction in the centre of Lincoln, when a Rolls/Bentley (not sure which) wafted past wearing the plate '1 RAF'. Very impressive - always remembered that.

I have seen a Porsche 911 with 'V1 V2 R', and at Shawbury there was - maybe still is - a bootie pilot with 'FLY RM' on his car.

Best plate I ever saw was not aviation related. At a carshow there was an original Lamborghini Countach with a front plate which was 'T13VOM'. It took me a minute to get it - when you see it behind you in the rearview mirror, it reads 'MOVEIT'.

Equivocal 30th Mar 2021 19:32

Saw this one in the hotel car park at Gatwick.


WASALOADIE 30th Mar 2021 22:28

Mine is XL04DYO Shows as X L04DY 0


sudden twang 30th Mar 2021 22:30

Saw BAN163L adjusted to BA NIGEL it was on a car saying For Sale £3500 with registration.
Some wag added £4000 without registration 😂

TRENT210 30th Mar 2021 22:34

I was bored one night and started searching aviation related plates and found this for £250. Couldnít resist buying it. (I donít even work for the company)

Less than 24 hours later an engineer offered me £500 and the dad of a FA offered me £750.

Im greedy so I kept it hoping Phil Meeson or Steve Heapy might want it. Anyone friends with them ?:}

retreating blade 30th Mar 2021 22:51

Not aviation related but..........

Seen in a village west of Aberdeen over 20 years ago:

Cat3508 31st Mar 2021 00:07

Once came upon a vessel named "IVNIC8"

bluepilot 31st Mar 2021 07:29

Didnít Fiona Richmond have the plate FU2 ?

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