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WE Branch Fanatic 1st May 2021 09:02

Originally Posted by etudiant (Post 11036717)
Truly a long corridor beyond that 'gateway'.
The few hulls that can be sent far from home have no local Indo-Pacific sustaining infrastructure, so they come to the fight late and exhausted from a very long patrol.
At best they serve as tripwires, something that will surely impact morale.
I honestly don't understand how such as disjointed policy can pass muster. Admittedly, coherence is apparently not a requirement in the Pacific Theater either.

This is a peacetime deployment, with diplomatic objectives as well as contributing to NATO and other alliances.

You also seem to assume that the Atlantic, Medditeranean, etc will not be contested by Russia or China. The PLA Navy is increasingly present in waters West of Suez. Moscow, Beijing, and Tehran are allies.

WE Branch Fanatic 22nd May 2021 23:21

No surprises...

WE Branch Fanatic 27th May 2021 19:21

I wonder if some people might be interest in this Chatham House publication?

Myths and misconceptions in the date on Russia

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