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Tiger G 22nd Feb 2021 08:33

Mexican Air Force Learjet Crash - 6 dead.
A Learjet 45XR operated by the Mexican Air Force, crashed near Xalapa Airport, Mexico, and burst into flames. All six on board suffered fatal injuries.
Flight tracking website Flightaware shows the aircraft arrived at Xalapa Airport at 09:05 hours local time after a flight from Mexico City. The Mexican Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional reported that the accident occurred at 09:45 after takeoff.


ORAC 22nd Feb 2021 09:43

Looks like it never left the ground on take-off and crashed straight ahead after the ground fell away at the end of the runway.

NutLoose 22nd Feb 2021 11:06

Nasty, I wouldn't fancy trying to get out of a Lear in a rush, they are tiny, I used to work on them in my past. Just an observation, at 1.20 that is the main gear and appears away from the main wreckage by the looks of it, the tyres burning, makes one think the brakes were hot.

Rest in Peace guys

Caboclo 22nd Feb 2021 12:32

Do those have gust locks on the yoke?

Less Hair 22nd Feb 2021 20:06

So sad to look at those pictures. A tragedy.

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