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MostlyHarmless 20th Feb 2021 10:19

Looking for a Jaguar Mk9B seat
Can't find anywhere else on Prune suitable for this, so apologies if inappropriate, but as per title I've been looking for a complete Jag seat for ages and always seem to miss them :(

Any steers much appreciated :)



NutLoose 20th Feb 2021 11:52

I seen one for sale recently will try to remember where

NutLoose 20th Feb 2021 11:53

Found it but sold :(




NutLoose 20th Feb 2021 12:03

One on EBay, that’s the other ive seen


MostlyHarmless 20th Feb 2021 13:51

NutLoose you legend.
Lesson learned today? eBay saved searches are :mad:

NutLoose 20th Feb 2021 13:59

Or if you want to dress it


safetypee 20th Feb 2021 14:22

Both of the advertised seats quote condition as used. Perhaps the pictured condition and price differential reflects which aspect of use applies - within an aircraft, or within and out.

Mad Monk 20th Feb 2021 16:43

They are mostly Marine, as you would have guessed but do have Aeronautical gear, they may well be able to point you in a useful direction.

Compass Call 20th Feb 2021 17:12

Have you tried Halfords? They sell spares for Jaguars :E

NutLoose 20th Feb 2021 20:12

Different speed ratings at Halfords, they only sell the quick stuff.

Is it to go in a Jag Mostly Harmless (if you can say)

Sad thing was when I was at Cranfield, the company I worked for had gone bust, and we were in collecting our tools etc, we used to get the odd bit out of the colleges skip with their permission and on that day when I had no longer anywhere to stow them, what did they throw out but a pair of complete Buccaneer seats. :(

Union Jack 20th Feb 2021 21:08

Originally Posted by NutLoose (Post 10994088)
I seen one for sale recently will try to remember where

Was this it https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1289949 ?:ok:


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