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deltahotel 19th Feb 2021 11:39

Massive undertaking - good luck.

Between 4FTS and 237 OCU was a Hunter lead in course and on 18/04/1983 we took T7 WX372 Honington Vy and return.

In a later incarnation on 45(R) we did a Welsh away day for John Reid (Armed Forces Minister), on 12/3/1998 XX495 Nholt, Vy, St A, Nholt.


Box Brownie 2nd Mar 2021 18:08

The Vintage Pair - '73

Four Types 14th Mar 2021 12:21

Book on MPC Firings
When STCAAME closed. 2 of the chaps put together the history of the establishment with articles on the history and the missiles etc. This book comes with CD in the back that has all of the Sqn Photos that were taken each week they arrived. A real historical gem.

It says 'not available' at the moment but put it on your watch list.

EXFIN 14th Mar 2021 13:53

Many thanks to all. I have the STCAAME Book and Mr Coleman kindly sent a copy of the CD which is normally attached. Kind regards, Taff

Fox2long 14th Mar 2021 22:10

Iíve got AGWOEU data if youíre interested? Plus I can dig out a few trips in for sims?

brakedwell 15th Mar 2021 10:56

Originally Posted by Krystal n chips (Post 10981461)
Short, but entertaining.....some may recognise themselves.


Krystal n chips. Happy memories! I had a single room in one of the old nissen huts photographed in the review when I was filling time at Valley after getting my wings at RAF Swinderby in 1957. Valley was training new Fleet Air Arm pilots at that time and I don't think they were in the old huts, which were very useful if you had a girlfriend from Holyhead!

Legalapproach 15th Mar 2021 18:12

If it is of any use
13.8.83 G-BBSE Chipmunk in as support a/c for G-GNAT for the Air Day
14.8.83 Out to Coventry for the Coventry Airshow
G-GNAT in and out on same days from/to Cranfield displaying at Coventry en route

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