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David Thompson 1st Dec 2020 23:00

Linton on Ouse : The end of an era
The Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron left their home at Linton this morning to take up residency just up the road at Leeming were they will join the already incumbent Northumbrian Universities Air Squadron . The departure of YUAS brings to a close over 80 years of operational flying from Linton with a NOTAM issued today of an airfield closure notice and the station well into its eventual drawdown at the end of 2021 . Very sad times indeed . Some details here ;

LateArmLive 2nd Dec 2020 02:56

Sad news- some of my happiest days in the RAF were spent at Linton.

ShyTorque 2nd Dec 2020 05:36

Sad to see another great airfield close. I went through BFTS there in 77/8 when the dispersal was a sea of red and white Jet Provosts.

My youngest was a member of YUAS only a couple of years ago and for a while she lived in the west wing of the Officersí Mess, as I had done. I helped her move in. On arrival at the rear door she had forgotten the combination to the push button door lock. Almost without thinking I pressed the buttons and opened the door. Same combination forty years on!

Leeming is a very long way north, especially bearing in mind that YUASís earlier home was Finningley. Cadets travelling from Leeds are going to find that journey even more inconvenient.

Maybe they should rename it OJIYUAS - Only Just In Yorkshire UAS.

Bob Viking 2nd Dec 2020 05:41

Whilst I share your sadness at the closure of LOO and acknowledge that Leeming is far less convenient for York based students you can hardly say that Leeming is only just in Yorkshire. In fact it is almost the geographic centre!


typerated 2nd Dec 2020 06:39

Originally Posted by Bob Viking (Post 10938598)
Whilst I share your sadness at the closure of LOO and acknowledge that Leeming is far less convenient for York based students you can hardly say that Leeming is only just in Yorkshire. In fact it is almost the geographic centre!


I was thinking you are geographically challenged - must be a Nav in disguise!

Surely Leeming is way to the north of the centre

But then I google mapped it and saw you are spot on!

Bob Viking 2nd Dec 2020 07:06

Thatís why I googled it myself before posting. Never assume...


99 Change Hands 2nd Dec 2020 08:11

Geographic centre? Really?
Of course, I'm just a Nav.

Bob Viking 2nd Dec 2020 08:20

Anything South of York doesnít really count.


madhon 2nd Dec 2020 09:23

My Grandad was based there in WW2 with the Canadian Air Force, as an engineer for the Halifax bombers, saw a lot of crews off, not so many returning. He also received his medals from the station commander there couple of years before he died, after having not received them when he finished serving, no idea who it was who presented them, but could upload the picture if asked for.

Green Flash 2nd Dec 2020 10:56

Monday 13th August 1979, 09.30, I arrived at Linton to start a near 41 year career with the MOD in various guises. :ok:

spekesoftly 2nd Dec 2020 12:07

Linton Memorial Room
Is there any news on what has happened to the contents of the excellent Memorial Room at Linton on Ouse?

skua 2nd Dec 2020 12:27

I was just thinking the same, SpekeSoftly. It was run by a most knowledgeable and enthusiastic chap 5 or so years back.

spekesoftly 2nd Dec 2020 12:44

I remember the gentleman well Skua - Wing Commander (Retired) Alan Mawby. Some years ago he was kind enough to arrange a visit for myself, my wife, and my late mother whose first husband's Lancaster Mk11 failed to return to Linton from a bombing raid in 1943.

I've since found the following link which (sadly) answers my question:-


ShyTorque 2nd Dec 2020 12:58

Originally Posted by Bob Viking (Post 10938671)
Anything South of York doesn’t really count.


It does if you’re at Sheffield or Hull University. More difficult to get from there for a student who isn’t lucky enough to have access to a private car. My daughter struggled even to get from Leeds to Linton in time for Friday evening town nights.

Dominator2 2nd Dec 2020 13:08

I also recall great days at Linton when in 1972 it was by far and away the Premier BFTS. The staff student relationship was at the forefront of a new era. Just imagine being permitted to be in the bar in the Officers Mess until 19.00. Indeed, it was almost a parade for all aviators on the Station, a different era from today! Very sad that a station with such a great tradition has gone.

Come on pilots, don't let a Navigator correct us pilots on a point of navigation. Who ever thinks that Leeming is in the center of Yorkshire needs a new map. It is in the center of North Yorkshire, however Linton is far more central to the whole county. I recall how my friends who were posted to Leeming for BFTS complained how lucky we were to be 20 minutes from York. Of course in those days the attractions of Newcastle and Durham were not quite the same!

Tankertrashnav 2nd Dec 2020 13:17

I remember when Alan Mawby joined 214 as a captain on Victor tankers. On his first flight with his new crew he had put his co-pilot through his paces, making him work harder than perhaps he had been used to. In the crewroom afterwards the chap remarked (jovially) "our new captain is a bully". Tom Brown's Schooldays was being shown in TV at the time, so Alan was promptly nicknamed "Flashman" , which stuck while he remained on 214.

Really nice chap though, good pilot, and I was always very happy flying with him.

staircase 2nd Dec 2020 13:20

I was house member at one time, and well remember a large amount of 'art' in the mess loft. Going back a couple of years ago, I noticed that all the drawings of past aircrew that lined the corridors were missing. I wonder if they are now in the loft as well.

It would be a terrible shame if no one has thought to go and look.

It was some of the most memorable two years of my career, made more so by those two wonderful summers of 74 and 75.

teeteringhead 2nd Dec 2020 13:35

Along with - I guess - a relatively small number, I was commissioned there in 1968. What was ITS moved from South Cerney to Linton as AOTS (Aircrew Officer Training School) for a short-ish while before (I think) combining with the ground pounders at Henlow (?) as OCTU.

So different then (indicator of old git); to think we were turning out 30 or 40 commissioned pilots and navs every 5 weeks! And that was just the "gutter entry", not counting the General List RAFC Cranwell Flight Cadets!

spekesoftly 2nd Dec 2020 13:53

AOTS also spent a short period (1968 - 1969?) at Church Fenton. I remember it well!

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