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ORAC 26th Mar 2020 18:41

RAF Nightingale

London City Airport Could Become RAF Nightingale In COVID-19 Battle

Martin the Martian 26th Mar 2020 18:55

Watching a C-17 undertake either the standard LCA approach or a tactical approach would be interesting.

treadigraph 26th Mar 2020 18:58

C-130 went in yesterday.


c52 26th Mar 2020 19:43

Why? The RAF know how long the runway is at LCY and they know the performance of a C-130. All they have learned is that one crew can do what they've been trained to do. Isn't it?

Or did it maybe deliver ground support equipment?

C195 26th Mar 2020 20:07

Probably just a good opportunity when commercial traffic levels are so low.

qwertyuiop 26th Mar 2020 20:25

I’ve seen Hercs landing in fields with a much steeper approach than LCY. They must be laughing.

NutLoose 26th Mar 2020 20:40

Maybe a moral booster for those in London.

The cynic in me says they are testing the Government evacuation plan for evacuating from London when the place turns to poo. :cool:

XL189 26th Mar 2020 20:45

Originally Posted by Martin the Martian (Post 10729205)
Watching a C-17 undertake either the standard LCA approach or a tactical approach would be interesting.

They put one into Cosford a while ago and their runway is only 3700 feet!
It reversed back along the runway to take off!

Could be the last? 26th Mar 2020 21:56

Imagine if we still had Wroughton, Halton, Derriford, Haslar, Ely, Nocton.....

mini 26th Mar 2020 22:24

I've watched a C17 reversing around a ramp, the locals were somewhat not amused watching their vehicles being up ended and swept away.

At least they couldn't hear the bloke on the ramp laughing...

safetypee 27th Mar 2020 07:46

LCY closed for commercial operations.

Small 'bz' to the RAF in achieving this; the evolving situation will demand much more.

The best people, with suitable equipment, ability to respond, flexibility, adaptability, and required thinking to bring it all together

Also, good big picture planning, government, local authority, etc. Create large emergency hospital, staff it, near airport for airlift, etc.

Perhaps similar plans for Birmingham - NEC and airport; Puma trial operations for wide area air ambulance duties.

Well done to all - so far; confidence in people, the country, and pride. ( As one US commentator put it after the Falklands, the UK punches above its weight. )

Asturias56 27th Mar 2020 08:33

why do they need to fly in? the roads are empty - oh I forgot - defence review coming up............................

No doubt the QE2 will shortly appear next to Tower Bridge

Busta 27th Mar 2020 08:41

could have re phrased the heading

Homelover 27th Mar 2020 08:42


I think you mean QEC! 😂

Asturias56 27th Mar 2020 09:00

BOTH the way things are going....... :p

safetypee 27th Mar 2020 09:30

Asturias, 'why do they need to fly in?'

Good road access in London enables tactical movement for patients within the city.
LCY is more strategic air transport, moving people and equipment over longer distances, between airports, particularly supplies into the city for central distribution to other hospitals.

Compare this with Birmingham, where the need for air transport is highly tactical, between locations without airports - helicopters; hub and spoke to a main hospital, better time and distance than road.
Strategic supply still required, thus have a main airport base.

c52 27th Mar 2020 09:39

I expect the Navy will sail a ship up the Thames to show they're TOPP. Or a submarine.

(TOPP isn't an abbreviation but a quotation from Nigel Molesworth, in case anyone is scratching their head)

Mogwi 27th Mar 2020 09:45

Several years ago Compton Abbas (800m grass) had a night visit from a Herc. Landed, backed up and departed.


chevvron 27th Mar 2020 09:48

Did no-one think of re-opening the 'contingency' hospital at Little Rissington? 1800m of runway there not just the 1500m of City.

ORAC 27th Mar 2020 10:15

Remote enough for a quarantine zone, but those days are past - and too remote from any city for a major hospital. Which is why the other sites on the list are near Birmingham, Newcastle etc, and where available airports exist.

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