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pr00ne 8th May 2020 12:44


Seeing how integrated and centralised the support network for Lightning is, I rather think the fact that the RAF already has Lightning aircraft stationed here in the UK, that the entire UK fleet is going to be stationed here, and that Sealand is already a central global point for Lightning avionics servicing, overhaul and repair, all rather voids the paranoid Senator's point.

I really do not see how these non core elements of a mobile network can be any kind of security threat.

golder 8th May 2020 13:36

I think the Chinese stuff messes up the US surveillance stuff. I think it's a turf thing.:E
much the same as this
For decades, US and German intelligence used this Swiss company's encoding devices to spy on other countries, and the revelations this week have provoked outrage.

RAFEngO74to09 15th May 2020 01:06

ORAC 16th May 2020 12:38

airsound 16th May 2020 21:31

Ummm... is it just me, or are RAFEngO74to09's #163 and ORAC's #164 blank? Wtf?


EAP86 16th May 2020 21:38

I see two Twitter sourced graphics which, when clicked, will take you to


airsound 16th May 2020 21:43

Interesting EAP, thanks! I do tweet, but I see nothing in posts #163 and #164 - and, indeed, the URLs (I assume that's what they are) in your post are also blank....

Ooher missus


EAP86 16th May 2020 21:45

I've no idea whats going on., Sometimes they appear then they disappear. I'm obviously not nerd enough...


airsound 16th May 2020 21:54

Time for bed, said Zebedee. it'll be all right in the morning


Out Of Trim 16th May 2020 23:29

Nope! Still both blank for me.. :suspect:

Tried a different browser. Blank on Firefox but visable on Microsoft edge!

Asturias56 17th May 2020 09:02

They've never gone from my machine.......... you should PM the mods or stick the question in the computer forum on here - there are people there who know all there is to be knowed about this

caped crusader 18th May 2020 21:17

Congratulations To Commander Mark Sparrow RN
Congratulations to Commander Mark Sparrow RN on assuming command of 617 Squadron. I believe his father Mike Sparrow served on the Squadron as a first tourist during the Vulcan era.

T28B 20th May 2020 16:00

20 May 2020 Eglin F-35A Crash thread is here; let's segregate the discussion on that accident from the "general" F-35 thread please.

ORAC 23rd May 2020 12:10

AW&ST: Delays Cause Two-Year, $1.5B Extension For F-35 Block 4

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) said on May 12 that the Lockheed Martin F-35 Block 4 program must be extended two years due to development delays, adding $1.5 billion to the overall price tag.

The original schedule called for completing the Block 4 modernization program in 2024, but the timeline must be extended to 2026, GAO said in the watchdog agency’s annual review of the F-35 program.

The F-35 Joint Program Office initially estimated the cost to develop all 66 new capabilities in Block 4 would be $10.6 billion. The two-year extension to deliver Block 4 raises the development cost to $12.1 billion, with another $3.4 billion budgeted to procure and insert the capabilities in future U.S. F-35s, GAO said.

The Block 4 delays started in 2019. Lockheed planned to deliver the first eight Block 4 capabilities last year, but only one—the automatic ground collision avoidance system—entered service, GAO said.

In another example, Lockheed delivered software last year to enable the interim full-motion video capability for the Marine Corps F-35Bs, but failed to deliver the associated hardware, the report said.

As Block 4 capabilities have entered testing, the Defense Department’s operational testers have noticed other problems. Some of the new capabilities have “caused issues” with existing F-35 functions that previously worked, GAO said. “The contractor had not performed adequate testing of the software before delivering it to the test fleet,” GAO said.........

LowObservable 23rd May 2020 15:55

For the record, $12.1 billion is more than half the estimated EMD bill for the B-21 bomber, and approximately five times the cost of the Rafale Standard F4 upgrade, which is at least as comprehensive as F-35 Block 4.

ORAC 25th May 2020 07:44


RAF Marham F-35 Dambusters set to join carrier

pr00ne 27th May 2020 14:23

Rhino power,

It didn't 'suffer' anything, it was part of a planned low power catapult launch trial.

Rhino power 27th May 2020 16:41

Ok, let's try this again...

F-35 low power cat shot test


ORAC 27th May 2020 16:50

SamYeager 27th May 2020 19:40

Wouldn't recommend trying that when there's a bit of a sea running.

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