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Buster Hyman 17th Dec 2019 17:29

Caption Competition Mk II

Originally Posted by Kiltrash (Post 10642121)
Not a Caption. Buster has gone missing; he has had the call from Goodison Park

Couldn't do much worse than the last 6! :mad:

Anyway...many thanks Kilty. Always an honour.

Seeing we're on a theme...


c52 17th Dec 2019 17:58

"Yeah, it has a lot of eager, happy, smiling people in it, but I'm blowed if I can see how you're going to use it in a Christmas TV advert for Morrisons."

c52 17th Dec 2019 18:00

The tin contains a great big block of chocolate, and the solder is thinking, 'It's mine, and all for me'.

Wensleydale 17th Dec 2019 18:29

Brian had developed a new method of mine clearance. Running with the tin of chocolate, he would suddenly stop just before the tapes and take cover.

c52 17th Dec 2019 18:57

As part of the US's commitment to international development, natives are taught to play rugby, even if it is necessary to improvise the ball.

c52 17th Dec 2019 19:00

Nike return to the drawing board in an attempt to reinvent the running shoe.

Ascend Charlie 17th Dec 2019 20:09

The sergeant was plainly going to win the "Standing still on one leg" contest - all the others are about to fall over.

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 03:13

Eilain and I were teaching them rudimentary ball skills, little did we realise OJ Simpson had been conscripted

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 03:17

VAR check and Handball is given

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 03:19

WHATDUYAMEAN you found it over there, ticking ..

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 03:21

Tamara Ecclestones jewel case is found in the desert. Hank hurries to return it ….yeah right....

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 03:22

Having been on a third tour of Iraq, Hank is surprised the children all callout 'Daddy'

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 03:25

Having found the evidence that clears the President of Impeachment charges, Hank hurries back to base.' There be medals in this tin' he dreams

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 06:20

"What's the name of that blasted Indian? "

treadigraph 18th Dec 2019 06:35

He scores! He shoots!

622 18th Dec 2019 07:16

"We have been trying to get them to play football for three weeks solid, but its no good, they cant organise a team, learn the rules or even wear correct footwear"

..said Abdul aged 13

Buster Hyman 18th Dec 2019 08:15

(Ineligible) "Hey kids. It was great playing with you but none of have the required skills to make it sorry. However, fear not. The Russians will be here after us & they have all the "good stuff" that can make you into elite athletes!"

ShyTorque 18th Dec 2019 08:39

United Nations were later called in to investigate reports of blatant popcorn theft.

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 11:02

Senior Pilots post makes no sense with regard to the picture, but since when was that a pre requisite?.
Could have been worse than Iraq, we might have been playing in Denver this weekend

Kiltrash 18th Dec 2019 11:11

Upon seeing this picture Trump finally realises what he did with the Nuclear Football on his last trip to Afghanistan.

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