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Eyes In 13th Apr 2019 17:32

Final Countdown
on SyFY HD now - the Final Countdown. Preposterous plot but some great flying scenes!l

spitfirek5054 14th Apr 2019 09:53

I have it on DVD.

Tankertrashnav 14th Apr 2019 11:19

Link? Description? What is SyFY?

More information required!

MPN11 14th Apr 2019 12:22

Originally Posted by Tankertrashnav (Post 10447214)
Link? Description? What is SyFY?

More information required!

Science Fiction channel, old chap. Something for the young ones rather than for us, I suspect! ;)

Just This Once... 14th Apr 2019 12:53

HD - High Definition: For those with eyes that still work.

Chris Kebab 14th Apr 2019 13:21

Guess it's this: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080736/

Probably not:

wub 14th Apr 2019 13:24

Tomcats vs Zeros if I recall

Kiltrash 14th Apr 2019 13:54


5aday 14th Apr 2019 14:35

The music
The music reminds me of the Queens Castle in Pat Pong , Bangkok at the end of the show. Time for a last stagger along Silom Road to the Dusi Thani.

spitfirek5054 14th Apr 2019 15:57

Saw it for the 1st in the Corporals Club at RAF Sek Kong 1982

Tankertrashnav 14th Apr 2019 23:17

Ah right, got it. A bit like "The Philadelphia Experiment" it seems. That was a load of old tosh as well!

Wensleydale 15th Apr 2019 06:57

Shortly after the film was released, a Shackleton squadron possibly caused a Final Countdown moment on another of the USN's finest. The said Squadron was on a deployment to St Mawgan to take part in the two week JMC off the SW Approaches, and was to give continuous AEW cover to the blue task group (yes - that Sqn). One of the crews decided that they would play the "War" properly, and the captain insisted that the transit out was as covert as possible - two hours at 150 feet, radar off. Also at the brief, the crew was told to look out for a Kresta II which was following one of the task groups. An hour into the transit, the captain, who fancied himself as a bit of a recognition expert, suddenly declared that he had visual on the Kresta II.."Lets go and take a photograph". The Navigator, who was an ex-AEOp and did know about ship recognition wandered up to the flight deck for a look...."Doesn't look lie a Kresta to me". Meanwhile, the Shackleton accelerated towards the ship which grew bigger - very slowly. More ships appeared and suddenly the sky was filled with two F14s followed by a Prowler as they tried to fly at the Shackleton's speed but stayed well above! The penny dropped with the Captain. "Oops its a Carrier Battle Group - never mind let's still go for a look". "Not a good idea skip - its a carrier and they are flying - not good to burst the circuit". Meanwhile, the F14s continued to circle above as the Prowler decided to drop down to try to formate on the Shackleton - now slowed down again. The mission crew flicked through a few radio frequencies to try to contact the shadowing aircraft to hear a surreal transmission back to the ship "I don't know Sir... I think its a Liberator". Discretion took over, and a 90 right slowly began to open the range again at 160 kts. Low level transits to the Fleet didn't happen again that exercise.

melmothtw 15th Apr 2019 08:28

They nearly lost a Tomcat during the filming of the dogfight with the Zeros. The Tomcat lost too much speed and plummeted towards the ocean, with the pilot recovering just in time. The filmakers said afterwards there was a sharp intake of breath and some mutterings from the navy top brass when they watched an advance screening.

Duchess_Driver 15th Apr 2019 16:28

Canít resist....

They nearly lost a Tomcat during the filming of the dogfight with the Zeros. The Tomcat lost too much speed and plummeted towards the ocean,
Did he fly right through his jet wash? Was he in a flat spin? Was he heading out to sea?

Hat, coat....

Mil-26Man 15th Apr 2019 16:53

At 2m 47s for anyone who hasn't seen the near crash yet

I read they actually knocked it off for the day immeditaly after that. The F-14A was fitted with the engine intended for the F-111B, which was a bomber engine essentially. While it had a lot of power, it took a while to spool up. The aircraft was new when this was filmed, and the pilot had come from another type and was very nearly caught out.

MightyGem 15th Apr 2019 20:51

Loved the high tech piece of drift string on the Tomcat windscreen. :)

Martin the Martian 15th Apr 2019 22:24

"Splash the Zeros. I say again, splash the Zeros... This has got to be a dream."

Great film, with some superb flying sequences, a terrific soundtrack, wonderful visual effects from the late Maurice Binder (he of so many Bond titles sequences) and the posing of an interesting and intriguing moral dilemma. What would YOU do with that power, in that situation?

NutLoose 15th Apr 2019 22:47

They nearly lost a Tomcat during the filming of the dogfight with the Zeros. The Tomcat lost too much speed and plummeted towards the ocean,
Ahhh, that'll be Zero airspeed then. :}

gums 16th Apr 2019 03:19


Yeah, one of my best fantasy flicks.

RE" close call
The low encounter with the waves was after a poor lag roll to get more nose-tail position and he "dished out" a tad low for my taste. Needed to get nose higher initially, then a quick roll to the Zeke's six.
Five years later, the USN also helped the Top Gun movie and there was one low altitude roll and recovery that scared me.
Both of those, with their good aerial segments and basic launch/recovery aboard the boat, had a good effect on enlistment here in the colonies.
New Top Gun could be a nice one.
Gums sends...

MAINJAFAD 16th Apr 2019 05:23

Love the film and won a Monogram combined kit of a VF-84 Tomcat and the USS Nimtiz long before I saw the film, however if you look closely you will note that all of the in cockpit shots of the F-14 in the clip above are actually in an A-6!!!!

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