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KPax 9th Jan 2019 16:21

Mirage 2000 down in Northern France,
Reports that a Mirage 2000 has gone down in Northern France, thoughts go out to the crew, no word as yet on how they are.

sitigeltfel 9th Jan 2019 16:44

The aircraft, a Mirage 2000D, is from Base aérienne 133 Nancy-Ochey. Contact was lost around 11.00 local time and debris has been found near the town of Mignovillard in the Jura.

wiggy 10th Jan 2019 10:35

Still no news on crew(2). Search hampered by snow overnight. (Update at 1530...search of crash site and surrounding area for the crew still continues....They are still officially listed as missing..)


Imagegear 10th Jan 2019 18:30

Not looking like a reasonable outcome:

Very sad,


AlphaZuluRomeo 10th Jan 2019 19:14

Well, it was foreseeable those last hours, but it's now announced by the french gov: both crew members lost their lives.

RIP Lt A. M. and Cne B. C.

OvertHawk 10th Jan 2019 21:46

Sincerest condolences to those who mourn our fellow aviators

TBM-Legend 10th Jan 2019 23:27

Another sad day for military aviation. It's hit hard and both crew members were experienced and also combat vets! RIP

Tashengurt 10th Jan 2019 23:41

A sad loss for their families and colleagues.
The French media report seems unnecessarily brutal in its detail. I'm sure we can all imagine the aftermath without being taken through the process step by step

bakseetblatherer 11th Jan 2019 20:10

Official announcement


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