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SUPER JOLLY GREEN 9th Jan 2019 10:07

Historic Helicopters & Wasp Open Day 2 Feb 19
Historic Helicopters & Westland Wasp Historic Flight Open Day

9.30AM to 4PM on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at Chard Equestrian, Higher Purtington Showfield, Chard, Somerset, TA18 8QY

Whirlwind HAR10 XJ729
Wessex HU5 XT761
Wessex HU5 XT771
Sea King HAR3 XZ597
Sea King HC4 ZF122
Wasp HAS1 XT787

Entrance fee is a £10 donation (flights and lunch extra)

Introduction to Wasp XT787
Ground School available for Supporters (Safety around Helicopters, Navigation and Radios)
Possible Helicopter flights (depending on the weather)
Meet the Aircrew and Engineers who fly and maintain these unique Helicopters
Meet veterans who worked in, on or supporting these Helicopters
An extensive range of souvenirs and merchandise will be on sale

For further details please contact:

[email protected]

We are just off the A30 between Cricket St Thomas and Crewkerne The postcode is TA18 8QY but don’t trust your Satnav, you will end up at Hill Dairy Farm!

If you are coming from Chard you will pass Cricket St Thomas on the right, the Cricket St Thomas Golf Club on the left and The Windwhistle Inn on the left. As you continue to climb up the hill you will see a large lay-by on the left and immediately after that a brown sign for “Chard Equestrian Centre” – turn right.

If you are coming from Crewkerne you will pass through Maincombe and Roundham before climbing up the hill through a wooded area. Towards the end of the wooded area, look out for the brown sign for “Chard Equestrian Centre” – turn left.

Approximately 0.25 miles along that road turn right into Chard Equestrian. The gate has a sensor, so drive slowly up to the gate and it will open automatically. We are in the large brown hangar at the bottom of the hill and the double entrance doors are towards the left hand end of the hangar as you look at it.

FODPlod 9th Jan 2019 22:06

Can we bring our own Wasp?
(Only joking, sadly.)


SUPER JOLLY GREEN 10th Jan 2019 07:46


Great photo! Which Wasp and where do you operate? NZ?



SUPER JOLLY GREEN 17th Jan 2019 12:38

A quick update – dependent on demand and weather, Air Experience Flights will be available in an AB206B JetRanger II

£30 per person based on 4 passengers per flight

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 2nd February!

Blacksheep 18th Jan 2019 12:34

Oh Lord, No!
The Whirlwing HAR10 (or HCC10 if you take off the winch and add passenger seats and a red carpet) is now a historic aircraft. Our 32 Sqn. Gazelle XW855 is in the RAF Museum at Hendon these days. When I was standing admiring the beautiful lines and reminiscing the old days when she was the official personal transport for CAS, my daughter said "Come away Dad - or they'll keep you as an exhibit as well!" :}

ShyTorque 18th Jan 2019 13:27

HCC10 ? Shouldn't that be the HCC12 (there were two built for the Royal Flight)?

Fareastdriver 18th Jan 2019 14:16

The HCC12s were the jet propelled Whirlwinds built for the Royal Flight; one lost it's rotor assembly in December 1967. There were, however, two predecessors that became Whirlwind 10s. They were XN126/7 that started off as VIP Whirlwind 4s and were then upgraded to 10s when Aunty Betty got her new ones.

We had XN126 on 230 Sqn.; you could tell by the shiny steel grab handles under the paint.

Interestingly as Phil is in the news there was severe consternation when XR487 crashed. The Duke was in Germany with XR486 and apparently he should have been in 487.

XR 487 had gone U/S for something so XR 486 was substituted.

rotorfossil 19th Jan 2019 07:30

I used to fly 486 when it was privately owned. At one display we were scheduled to drop two skydivers. It turned out that the HCC12’s were the only Whirlwinds that didn’t have the general clearance for parachute dropping (what a surprise). We had to raise a mod with all the drawings just to fit the cabin door with the wire and pin to lock it open. With all the VIP kit, nice seats etc, it was very heavy and had no fuel jettison.

FODPlod 19th Jan 2019 10:49

Originally Posted by SUPER JOLLY GREEN (Post 10356741)

Great photo! Which Wasp and where do you operate? NZ?



Regrettably, I took the photo from the bridge of HMS MINERVA during a West Indies deployment in 1975. The Flight Commander was Lt Mark Barry-Jackson RN.

Here are some more:





SUPER JOLLY GREEN 28th Jan 2019 07:57


Great photos, thanks for sharing!

SUPER JOLLY GREEN 31st Jan 2019 08:56

Latest update - We are pleased to announce that our Family of Westland Helicopters will be joined at our Open Day on Saturday by Gazelle HT2 XX436 (in RN "Sharks" colour scheme) from our friends at The Gazelle Squadron.

Depending on weather and aircraft serviceability, timings are: ETA 1100 ETD 1400.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 2nd February!

SUPER JOLLY GREEN 1st Feb 2019 07:21

Open Day Saturday 2 Feb 0930-1600
Latest update - In addition to the Air Experience Flights below, we will be joined by another example of the classic, pioneering and ubiquitous JetRanger on static display (Timings TBC and depending on weather and aircraft serviceability)
Dependent on demand and weather, Air Experience Flights will be available in the classic AB206B JetRanger II. £30 per person based on 4 passengers per flight.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Evalu8ter 2nd Feb 2019 15:34

Great day today guys - look forward to seeing that Wessex fly!

512 2nd Feb 2019 15:53

Seconded, a great day. Thank you to Terry for informative presentation and hosting and to Mark for hangar tour. :):)

Old-Duffer 3rd Feb 2019 19:58

My gang decided the 'weather factor' was against a successful sortie.

However, we are very much taken by the idea of a visit to Chard, so please can you keep us posted on the future opportunities of a visit.

Old Duffer

SUPER JOLLY GREEN 4th Feb 2019 07:46

A huge thank you to all the enthusiasts, friends and supporters who battled the snow to join us at our Open Day on Saturday. We hope that you all enjoyed the day and look forward to welcoming you back to Historic Helicopters.

Evalu8ter - Great to meet you and glad you had a good day. Wessex updates will be posted on this forum

512 - Great to meet you and I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the Hangar Tour!

Old-Duffer - Watch this space for updates regarding future events. We hope to see you soon.

On behalf of Historic Helicopters and the Westland Wasp Historic Flight – thank you all for your continued support!

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